Mindfulness Meditation Practice


An ongoing meditation practice, in addition to your psychotherapy, can compliment and enhance the self-knowledge and skill-building you are already working on. In this group, we begin with a guided meditation (that leads to a follow-up recording for you to use for ongoing skill-building), a short talk that integrates the meditation within psychology and neuroscience, and time for group discussion.

What you bring, is your willingness to practice and a desire to commit to a regular practice of any frequency or length that is right for you. Some people will find that by joining this group, their motivation and practice increases in length and desire. By having recordings you can use outside of the group meditation, you can continue to practice on your own throughout the next two weeks.

If you'd like to sample some of these meditations and talks, I invite you to go to my website -- to the meditation page AND to the blog. You'll even find a meditation to do while listening to a purring cat (if you like cats, this will probably be quite enjoyable for you. And if you don't perhaps try a different meditation!!)

Please discuss with your individual therapist first, to see if this would be an appropriate time for you to join a group process. Then, contact me so that we can arrange time to discuss your interest together. I look forward to hearing from you!

Group Therapist

Dr. Karen Walant is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in Ridgefield, CT. Dr. Walant supports clients who feel anxious or depressed, as well as those who struggle in relationships, especially when they have codependent characteristics. Her clients often feel overwhelmed by the thoughts inside their minds, or discomfort in their bodies, and while they might achieve great success in some domains, they find themselves feeling unfulfilled. Often, these heightened emotions and destructive thoughts infect/affect clients’ relationships and impact their daily lives.

Dr. Walant specializes in mindfulness meditation as a way to cultivate skills that can reduce emotional suffering, build self-resilience, and cultivate a sense of friendliness towards the self. Slowing down a client’s thoughts and teaching ways to PAUSE so as to develop a more intimate awareness of what’s going on internally and externally empowers people to feel more steady in their hearts and minds. In sessions, Dr. Walant may ask about early relationships and impacting events to guide clients towards insights about their development. She draws attention to harmful thought patterns and offers healthier alternatives, including fresh perspectives.

Dr. Walant earned her PhD in Clinical Social Work from New York University. She authored a book titled Creating Capacity for Attachment that encourages both therapists and clients to create a trusting relationship to best support the process of internal change. She has supported clients and couples for over 25 years. By focusing on the positives and the strengths of each client, Dr. Walant encourages individuals and couples to grow their inner wisdom so that they can become their own best selves. She firmly believes in the power of psychotherapy, meditation, and mindfulness strategies. She has been inspired by her clients, who have bravely embarked on a journey of introspection and skill-building in order to become their Best Selves.

Karen Walant

Karen Walant is a therapist in Ridgefield, Connecticut specializing in anxiety, codependency, relationship issues, aging related concerns, work stress, and depression.

Mondays bi-weekly 7.30 - 8.45 pm EST

Connecticut (Online)

Donation based on your level of comfort. Suggested amount is scaled between $15.00 to $50.00 per meeting.