Monthly Meditation with Q&A on Your Spiritual Path


This is a group for anyone ages 21 and older who are interested in in-person help and instruction on how to pursue a spiritual path towards awakening as Awareness. The group meets monthly, on the first Tuesday of each month, to meditate together and begin to create a safe community space to provide constructive company on the spiritual path.

In each session, we will begin with a meditation of about 20 minutes. If anyone is new to meditation, a brief introduction will be offered. Following meditation, group members are free to describe their current spiritual path, and ask any questions they have about how to progress towards spiritual awakening.

The facilitator, Jonathan Labman, LPC has been leading spiritual awakening groups for 20 years and is experienced in creating a safe and positive community environment. The normal confidentiality and boundary rules of therapy groups provide a safe container for this experience.

Group Therapist

Jonathan Labman is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Holicong, Pennsylvania (eastern Pennsylvania near Doylestown, PA) who has been practicing for 22 years. His clientele is an eclectic group of people interested in coping with and healing anxiety, depression, trauma, men's issues, and some interested in exploring spirituality.

His specialty is men's struggles with identifying, expressing and making good use of their feelings. He helps men to determine if the thoughts they're using to make decisions are based in truth or in false assumptions. He also teaches men how to face and identify their feelings and trace where they come from, to determine if they're coming from truthful sources and are therefore useful for insight and action.

Jonathan's clients are often educated professionals, some of international origin, ages 21 to 87. He works with everyone from people who've never had therapy before, to people who've explored psychological healing but who don't feel complete or whole yet. For those who are interested in going beyond ego integration, Jonathan offers mentoring into spiritual awakening.

Jonathan has extensive training and exploration in many psychological methods, trauma treatment, healing modalities, and spirituality. He applies 50 years of personal exploration in all aspects of human life, and brings that to his very interactive sessions with clients. He likes to 'mirror' clients to themselves, and to reduce what seem like 'complex issues' to the very simple habit patterns (of thought, action, feeling, spirituality, and creativity) that are actually in the way of progress.

Jonathan is available in his consulting office in Holicong, Pennsylvania (near New Hope, Yardley, Newtown and Doylestown) and by videoconference through an encrypted and HIPAA-compliant platform for clients in Pennsylvania. He accepts 7 major insurances and has a sliding scale for those with no insurance or out-of-network insurance.

Jonathan Labman

Jonathan Labman is a therapist in Holicong, Pennsylvania specializing in anxiety, depression, trauma, men's health, medical professionals' mental health, and spirituality & religion.

First Tuesday of the month, 7 to 8:30PM

4936 York Road, Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania 18902