Mother Love - Tuesdays


The gorgeous Mother Love group is a virtual offering; a closed, ongoing group container, designed to connect mothers in the postpartum period and beyond. We address the continuum of the mothering experience in a truly unique way - supporting women and birthing people through some of the most essential rites of passage - from pre-conception through birth and the postpartum period, and beyond.

This group acknowledges and investigates the ways in which mothers in our culture often experience depletion: emotional, physical, psychic, social, economic, interpersonal, intellectual, etc. Uncovering these areas in individualized and collective ways, mothers can begin to rebuild, resource, and reboot towards repletion, a greater sense of wholeness, and optimal wellness.

This group offering is process-oriented, working in the rich and very real moments of the here and now as it presents each week. Mother Love groups meet weekly, virtually, via zoom.

Space is currently available in the Tuesday group, which will run from 2pm - 3:20 pm, EST. To inquire about the group, please visit my website and fill out the form.

Group Therapist

Kathleen Fleming is a postpartum revolutionary.

Kathleen is specifically passionate about supporting women, men, birthing people, and families through life's rites of passage. With her platform, Majestic Unicorn, Kathleen shares her feistiness and deep commitment to care that is comprehensive, holistic, and personalized. As a LCMHCA, she specifically focuses on providing mental health services to individuals and couples through psychotherapy, as well as providing weekly psychotherapy groups.

Kathleen's approach is informed by current research on the neurobiology of attachment, emotion regulation, and physiologically relevant care. Her areas of specialized training include archetypal psychology, sexual wellness, postpartum care, menarche and menstrual care, perimenopause, menopause, and maternal mental health including loss and fertility.

Kathleen's writing about motherhood and parenting has been syndicated online by various publications including PopSugar, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Baby Center, Love What Matters, The Huffington Post, and The Today Show Blog.

Kathleen Fleming

Kathleen Fleming is a therapist in Asheville, North Carolina specializing in women's issues, men's issues, pregnancy, perinatal, postpartum mental health, sexual health & dysfunction, transition to new parenthood, and parenting.

Tuesdays 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm EDT

North Carolina (Online)

$60 / session