OCD Support Group


A virtual group for adults 18+ with OCD. This group will run from March 2024-July 2024 for a total of 10 sessions every other Friday morning from 9-10:30am. This group combines support and community building with the opportunity to learn/enhance Exposure and Response Prevention skills and have encouragement and accountability from other group members. Cost is $50 per session or will accept United/Optum or Aetna insurance. Please call or submit an inquiry for a free 30-minute screening appointment if interested.

Group Therapist

Dr. Jacob Schlierf is a Psychologist located in Orlando, FL. Dr. Schlierf specializes in helping individuals break free from cycles of anxiety and fear. Many of his clients feel anxious throughout their entire day, which negatively impacts sleep, productivity, enjoyment, and damages relationships. Sometimes, this anxiety can present as panic attacks, obsessions, ruminations, or compulsions. It can also result in feelings of frustration, fear, disappointment, confusion, loneliness, or depression, which can impact both professional and personal relationships. Dr. Schlierf helps clients better understand their anxiety and find ways to manage it so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Dr. Schlierf’s approach to therapy is trauma-informed, meaning that he takes extra care to set up a sense of safety and security in his sessions with clients. Generally, clients will process through the negative impacts of their anxiety and/or other mental health symptoms, and learn techniques to regain control and a sense of groundedness. Dr. Schlierf also specializes in using evidence-based Exposure and Response Prevention treatments for clients with OCD.

Dr. Schlierf has a PsyD from Springfield College in Counseling Psychology. He empowers clients to take control of their lives and to challenge fears and worries so that they lose their power. He helps clients sleep again, have fun again, and wake up looking forward to the day instead of dreading it. Together, you and Dr. Schlierf will work to give you back your life.

Jacob Schlierf

Jacob Schlierf is a therapist in Orlando, Florida specializing in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, depression, phobias & fears, trauma, and sports psychology.

Every other Friday from 9-10:30am

Florida (Online)

$50 per session or will accept United/Optum or Aetna insurance