Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) helps patients learn to stop avoiding or denying their emotions and, instead, accept the feelings that they struggle with are appropriate responses to certain situations, especially in the case of substance use. ACT prepares patients to address these emotional barriers that have often prevented them from moving forward in their lives. As patients identify these barriers, they will begin to accept their issues and difficulties and commit to making necessary changes in their behavior that will aid to a more fulfilling and enriching livelihood.

Group Therapist

Wholeview Direct, is a fully virtual outpatient addiction treatment program. Through this program, physicians, nurse practitioners, masters-level clinicians, and peers provide the most effective treatment techniques and therapies for alcohol and substance use disorders using a proven telehealth model designed to make treatment as convenient and accessible as possible. All of our clinicians will work with patients to design a comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

Wholeview Direct

Wholeview Wellness is an outpatient addiction treatment center committed to providing patients with the highest quality therapeutic experience in addiction treatment.

Saturdays at noon

New York (Online)

Group Fee: $150 per session