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Psychotherapy Group for Queer Young Adults


Therapists of New York is starting a new psychotherapy group for queer young adults. The group is seeking individuals ages 18-30 who identify as LGBTQIA+. We will meet in person on a weekly basis.

The group will support members in working to better understand themselves and their relationship to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity through supportive exploration and processing with fellow members. Topics may also stretch beyond those specific to queerness, as members work to identify ways of addressing general interpersonal difficulties. The group is appropriate for LGBTQIA+ individuals at all stages of identity development.

The group will be led by Dr. Lauren O’Connor (she/her), who specializes in working with LGBTQIA+ individuals and has training and experience facilitating process groups. All prospective participants will first meet with Dr. O’Connor individually to gauge whether the group may be a good fit for their goals.

Group Therapist

Therapists of New York is a team of doctoral level psychotherapists. We treat individuals and couples struggling with a wide-range of difficulties and/or psychological disorders. We customize treatment to meet each client's individual needs by utilizing our expertise in multiple therapeutic techniques. Our clients are matched by our founder and director, Dr. Elinor Bock, based on personality and specific goals. The matching process relieves the initial hardship of shopping around for the right therapist.

We are a diverse group of therapists with a unified mission: we foster awareness, clarity, relief, and confidence in our clients so that they can overcome obstacles and live freely. We value the importance of genuine, fulfilling, and secure connection with all our clients so they can get the most out of the therapeutic experience.

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