Radical self care: Learning to say no


For women and enby folks in Massachusetts and Vermont who are in any of the helping and historically female dominated professions including therapists, teachers, social service workers, etc.

Many people who are members of marginalized communities struggle with this challenge. If you struggle with this, would you like to do something different?

Work on how to say no, how to set boundaries, how to prioritize yourself and your needs before you can meet the needs of others.

Group Therapist

Point Allerton Therapy is a private practice LLC in Massachusetts. T.Lee Shostack is an LICSW providing teletherapy to anyone who lives in the state. The practice has current openings for the clinical supervision group, relationship therapy and individual therapy. Our two client groups, Chronic Health Issues and Fat Liberation, are currently full, and will be accepting new clients in January 2023.

T.Lee uses she, they, and zee pronouns.

The practice specializes in working with people dealing with many of the manifestations of anxiety. We focus our clinical work on people in larger bodies through a fat liberation and HAES (Health At Every Size) lens; people who are LGBTQIA (and I provide GAS letters as a stand alone service as requested); creatives; college students and those in higher education or academia; creatives; people who are dealing with chronic health issues; I strive to be an anti racist provider and I work hard to be transparent, learning from those who are not my clients, and highly accountable.

Training and methodologies:

T.Lee uses a variety of methodologies and techniques based on what the challenges are, including narrative, motivational interviewing, liberation health, social therapy, relational work, harm reduction, medical social work, positive, postmodern, and strengths based models, including post graduate trainings.

Are we a good fit:

I always provide free consultations to potential clients as my experience is that is the best way to determine this.

T.Lee Shostack

T.Lee Shostack is a therapist in Massachusetts specializing in anxiety, body image, relationship issues, clinical supervision, nonmonogamy, polyamory, and kink, and Body Liberation / Health at Every Size.

Mondays 6 PM - 7 PM

Massachusetts (Online)

$75 per group, equity pricing available