Renewal and Wellness Skills


This series continues from March and goes Wednesdays through April at 12:30-1:30p MST. (4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26)

Are you ready to develop and transform yourself into a human BEING that spends more time in wellness states rather than in states of recuperation, overwhelm and burnout? In this class, each week new strategies are offered from ancient wisdom traditions across the globe such as Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sufism, which have given us practices such as Yoga, Energy Medicine, Breathwork, Tapping, Applied Focus and Concentration, Energy Psychology, Somatic Coaching (among other things) that help us tap into our innate regenerative capacity for wellness and optimal function. You have the power within you. Let me teach (or remind you of) some practices to attune to your deep inner body wisdom, allowing your personal creativity to flow, and to develop the entire spectrum of who you want to be. Classes are one-hour in length. Each class will build on the earlier classes, ultimately giving you a system for personal development of optimal function of your physical, emotional and mental being.

This series has been taught in multiple settings online and in-person. Each class includes breathwork, plus 6-8 other somatic/body-based strategies that will help you feel better FAST.


Group Therapist

Alistair M. Hawkes LPC is a licensed somatic (body-based) psychotherapist and educator who enjoys working with clients of all ages.

In sessions with children, Alistair teaches a curriculum called BrainWise which helps children learn basic problem-solving skills. In sessions with clients younger than 12yo Alistair often insists that parents attend sessions so they can help the children remember to practice the skills at home.

In sessions with adults, Alistair teaches a variety of somatic practices that help them regulate their feelings, and tension and stress. Following therapy Alistair encourages all clients to attend regular wellness classes for opportunities to practice coping strategies on a regular basis with a community of like-minded learners. The wellness classes are open to the public, are one hour in length and are offered every other month. For details please see info in the groups section.

Practices used and taught in sessions and classes include HIKE4evolution concepts, energy medicine (breathwork, Jin Shin, QiGong), energy psychology (tapping, visualization), somatic coaching, and biofeedback/neurofeedback. These "practices of power" help us all tap into our innate and regenerative healing capacities.

Alistair provides therapy and education from a trauma-informed perspective and has professional training in the following areas: Somatic Counseling Psychology (Naropa University 2009), HIKE4evolution (2017), Personal Self-Integration (2021), Clarity Breathwork (2021), Jin-Shin Tara

Alistair Hawkes

Alistair Hawkes is a therapist in Lakewood, Colorado specializing in stress management, burnout, anxiety, existential crisis & challenges, emotion regulation, and clinical supervision.

12:30-1:30p MST

Colorado (Online)

$25 for one class, $75 for three classes, $125 for all eight classes (March and April dates)