Rhode Island Postpartum Intensive Sessions


Postpartum Intensives are intended to be an incubator of initial support at the pivotal start of your parenting journey.

After a complimentary initial consultation call, I come to your home in Rhode Island to provide this mental health service. It’s hard enough to juggle feedings, naps, and even simply getting dressed in the first few weeks postpartum; so I come to you for this condensed session! I can sit beside your bed or with you on a couch, hold your infant, or make you a cup of tea as we discuss your new reality.

Based on the goals you reveal in our consult call, I tailor our therapeutic work toward providing you with the awareness and understanding you need to successfully navigate your postpartum mental health. I offer you tangible resources for tracking your moods and learning to regulate yourself, including a comprehensive postpartum ebook.

It is widely known that you need more training to do just about any other job than you do to become a parent. Many new parents find themselves overwhelmed with lack of experience in the caretaking of a newborn. If desired, as part of your intensive, I also use my extensive education in human development to provide you with practical guidance and education on developmental milestones and bonding with your baby through the early months.

Group Therapist

Rachael Alba is a licensed therapist serving Rhode Island and Washington State. She is a reproductive and trauma therapist helping women navigating infertility, perinatal mood disorders, pregnancy or infant loss, and termination of pregnancies. She also works with individuals who are seeking healing from trauma, anxiety, and grief unrelated to reproduction. Rachael’s approach is collaborative and strengths based.

Rachael helps clients move from hopeless and discouraged to healthy and thriving. She helps her clients find confidence, clarity, and peace by equipping them with the tools they need to navigate challenges and grieve their losses. She also guides clients through decision making challenges pertaining to infertility and early parenthood. Anxiety and grief are common categories that are present in Rachael's work with a wide range of clients. Helping you to find effective support and direction is a primary priority in Rachael’s work with all of her clients.

Many solutions for trauma, anxiety, and loss are generalized, one-size-fits-all models that leave you feeling uncertain about your progress. Rachael provides integrative and holistic care that prioritizes your particular situation as the foundation for your work together. She offers a safe and inviting space for you to be well seen and heard. From that place, she works with you to craft a plan that is goal specific and actively propels you toward the life you desire.

Rachael holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and a BA in Human Development. She is also PMH-C Certified in reproductive mental health. Rachael has completed a number of post-graduate trainings to enhance her work with clients experiencing trauma, grief, anxiety, attachment, and parenting.

Rachael Alba

Rachael Alba is a therapist in Riverside, Rhode Island specializing in anxiety, attachment issues, infertility counseling, loss, grief, and bereavement, pregnancy, perinatal, postpartum mental health, and trauma.

Scheduled at a mutually agreeable time

Any, Rhode Island

$250/hour up to 4 hours