Self-care is more complicated than it seems. We often deflect about insecurities around self-care with humor or cliche social slogans such as, "treat yourself!" Yet, self-care is one of the most overlooked and underestimated paths to developing a healthy relationship to ourselves. When we learn how to love ourselves by showing up for ourselves, our whole life can change. Come explore your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors under the lens of truly treating yourself well.

Group Therapist

Kristen McAdams LPC, WNPP works with individuals 18+ who are seeking to understand their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors about themselves, the world, and themselves within the world.

She addresses mental health challenges by assisting clients in re-negotiating their relationships to their nervous systems. Kristen believes that understanding your nervous system responses are at the center of many mental health symptoms and that having a relationship to your nervous system is the key to facilitating change in your life.

Kristen uses an integrative health approach to address and identify client needs. This approach takes a variety of lifestyle factors into consideration including, but limited to: finances, physical health, relationships, spirituality/faith, thoughts, values, beliefs, and feelings. Kristen uses a four stage processing plan that will help you alleviate anxious, depressive, and trauma informed symptoms, as well as come to terms with anger, separation, loss, and change.

Kristen enjoys specializing in self-love through self-care, women's health, and men who have been labeled Narcissists or struggle with relationships. She also specializes in working with individuals who find mental health medication to be more harmful than helpful, 1:1 harm reduction substance abuse/addiction resolution, and trauma informed financial health counseling.

Kristen is certified in Women's Neuropsychophysiology (WNPP) and is Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) practitioner.

WNPP is for women who want to biohack their hormonal biorhythms and for men who want to understand how to best support their partners in relationships.

RRT is good for people who are interested in strengths-based healing and focusing on Post Traumatic Growth as a method for overcoming trauma.

Kristen draws from other traditional modalities such as: CBT, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused, Existential, Positive Psychology and Feminist theories. However, the main focus of her practice is founded in behavioral health practices and cultivating self-awareness by increasing mind/body awareness.

Kristen McAdams

Kristen McAdams is a therapist in West Lake Hills, Texas specializing in addiction, anger management, anxiety, stress management, women's issues, and self-esteem.

Wednesday evenings.

3355 Bee Caves Road, West Lake Hills, Texas 78746

$60/group or $55 when paid in full