Smash the Stigmas Group led by Alexis Fratus


Welcome to our Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Support Group!

At ONETARA Counseling, we understand the stigmas and biases associated with mental health and substance use disorders, as well as the challenges faced by individuals involved in the criminal justice system. We have created this therapy group with a specific focus on addressing these stigmas and biases while providing a supportive and empathetic environment for healing and growth.

Led by experienced mental health professionals, our therapy group aims to provide a safe space where you can freely share your experiences, struggles, and triumphs. We understand the complexities of mental health and substance use disorders and are committed to helping you navigate them with compassion and understanding.

Here's what you can expect from our Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Support Group:

- A supportive community: Connect with individuals who understand your experiences and provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for growth and healing.

- Expert guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced mental health professionals who specialize in addressing mental health and substance use disorders.

- Stigma dismantling: Together, we work to challenge and dismantle the stigmas associated with mental health and substance use disorders, fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding.

- Coping strategies: Learn practical tools and coping strategies to manage your mental health and substance use challenges, build resilience, and promote long-term recovery.

- Peer support: Receive encouragement, empathy, and support from group members who can relate to your journey.

- Education and resources: Gain knowledge and access to resources that can help you in your recovery journey and provide support beyond the group sessions.

Join our Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Support Group to find solace, support, and empowerment as you navigate the complexities of your mental health and substance use challenges. Together, we will work towards breaking down stigmas, promoting understanding, and fostering personal growth and recovery.

Note: Our support group is not a substitute for individual therapy or medical treatment. If you require personalized and one-on-one attention, we encourage you to explore our individual therapy services offered by our specialized mental health professionals.

To learn more about our Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Support Group or to register for our upcoming sessions, please visit our website or contact us.

We are here to support you on your journey towards improved mental health, recovery, and overall well-being.

Group Therapist

Ms. Fratus is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience in both clinical and non clinical settings. Ms. Fratus works as a part of the social work private practice ONETARA Counseling, a clinic offering individual, couples, groups, classes, and coaching services to adults.

Ms. Fratus has a strong background in criminal justice, dual diagnosis, domestic violence, group counseling, and addiction and recovery counseling. Ms. Fratus carries both a JD and MSW which allows her to be particularly sensitive to the mental health needs of her clients, but also the systems that may be impacting them.

Ms. Fratus's evidenced based interventions are helpful for those struggling with emotional regulation, those experiencing trauma, adjustment difficulties, court mandated treatment, couples, relationships, and family dynamics.

Alexis Fratus

Alexis Fratus is a therapist in Massachusetts specializing in adoption & foster care, cultural adjustment, drug addiction & abuse, LGBTQIA, gender, & sexuality topics, relationship issues, and trauma.

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