Sober-Curious Group


Do you want to change your relationship to alcohol and gain some support for how to stick to it, manage cravings and lean in to the discomfort that prompts you to drink? Then this is the group for you!

Group Therapist

Robyn Trimborn, MA, LPC, specializes in helping adult individuals who are facing challenges related to grief, trauma, and self-worth. She uses a range of evidence-based interventions such as EMDR, IFS, AEDP, Coherence, and CRM. These therapies help clients make new meaning of traumatic memories or distressing experiences. By reprocessing traumatic memory, clients are able to feel neutral about those memories, reducing the power they have over their emotions, and ultimately improving their daily functioning. My goal is to empower my clients to move towards a more present, embodied, authentic and meaningful life.

Clients will fully process and integrate traumatic experiences, learn greater regulation, resiliency, and a establish a sense of safety. Grieving clients work through difficult emotions, learn to move toward acceptance of their new reality without their loved one and establish a new relationship with what was lost. People struggling with self-worth issues, learn to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, build self-confidence, and develop an empowering mindset that allows them to level up in life. They no longer know they are worthy, lovable, or good enough, they feel it and believe it.

Robyn sees clients in-person and virtually and offers grief group therapy, as well.

Robyn Trimborn

Robyn Trimborn is a therapist in Austin, Texas specializing in anxiety, loss, grief, and bereavement, trauma, Complex PTSD (C-PTSD), trust issues, and self-esteem.

Tuesdays from 12-1:30

Texas (Online)

$70/90 minutes