South Asian Self Care Healing Circle


This group is a safe space for individuals to process their emotions, feelings and experiences with one another. Client will gain support and develop coping skills, break away from unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns, and learn new ways to heal. Individuals will learn more about self care and how it can be implemented in their daily life.

Group Therapist

Humaira Naushad is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of New York. Humaira Naushad works with students and working professionals who reside in New York experiencing various mental health issues, life transitions, relationship issues and racial/cultural identity issues. Speaking to a therapist allows you to get insight about how your emotions affect your behavior in ways that you may not have understood before. Humaira’s goal for clients are to guide them towards a fulfilling journey to present the best version of themselves!

Humaira's main approaches are Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy although she derives from other modalities based on the client's goals and needs. CBT is an evidence-based approach that helps clients understand how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected. Psychodynamic therapy aims to uncover emotions, thoughts, beliefs and early life experiences that may affect one’s worldview and relationships with others. ​​Humaira challenges clients to explore the root cause of their symptoms, gaining new awareness into their emotional and relationship patterns. She provides a safe space for clients to feel heard and work on themselves in session. Humaira motivates clients to implement coping skills and techniques they have learned in session to utilize throughout their life.

Therapy is an experience that may be different for each person but it is curated to your issues and goals which will be discussed during our first consultation call. Humaira is currently providing only telehealth sessions at this time.

Humaira Naushad

Humaira Naushad is a therapist in New York specializing in anxiety, relationship issues, race & cultural identity, trauma, spirituality & religion, and women's issues.

Thursdays, Time TBA

New York (Online)

$40-50 per session