Support for Grieving A Loved One


This virtual group is for adults who've had a love one die and who are looking for a way to carve out time to explore their unique grieving process. The group will blend information sharing about the grieving process and allow you & other member’s to share your experiences, hear from one another, and build connections.

The group will be held one evening per week, the exact day of the week and time to be determined by group members, starting as soon as 4 folks show interest, for 8-12 weeks in total.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Send me an email to be put on the list and to schedule a time to discuss or ask questions.

Group Therapist

Kimber-Lea Raef is a Licensed Professional Counselor located in Austin, TX. Kimber-Lea supports those who feel overwhelmed by daily life due to the aftershocks of trauma. Many of Kimber-Lea’s clients don’t immediately recognize their symptoms as reactions to trauma, however after speaking with Kimber-Lea about their anxiety, sadness, inability to connect with others, or feelings of intense insecurity, they realize that they might feel this way because of experiences in the past. Kimber-Lea’s compassion, warmth, and creativity provide clients with a safe atmosphere to share their inner thoughts, emotions, and dreams.

Kimber-Lea bases her approach to therapy from Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), in which she is fully trained. TF-CBT helps clients draw connections from their inner thoughts and negative self talk to their mood or emotional responses and past experiences. Kimber-Lea also encourages clients to talk about their family structure and relationships to further understand where emotions come from - and how to promote positive emotions.

Kimber-Lea earned her Master’s degree from Texas State University. Together with her therapy dog, Fyrenz, Kimber-Lea supports clients experiencing grief, depression, or low self-esteem. Kimber-Lea brings a sense of playfulness into session and builds strong trusting relationships with her clients as they work through difficult conversations.

Kimber-Lea Raef


Texas, USA

$50 / session