Surviving the 9-5 Stress Management Bootcamp


This training series uses practical exercises and group discussion to identify how stress impacts your life and give you tools to reduce the toll stress takes on your body. You'll learn the steps to buffer yourself from the negative effects of stress and skills for cultivating a focused and calm mindset.

Each session teaches a skill and provides activities for practice in between sessions to build accountability and group support. Live coaching, feedback and support to effectively implement skills are provided each session.

Session 1: What is stress and how does it impact my life?

Session 2: Reducing stress in our bodies

Session 3: Skills to increase self and community care

Session 4: Building a calm mindset

Lunch 'n Learn Group, Thursdays 12-1pm CST starting June 10 (sign up by June 4)

Evening Group, Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm CST starting July 8 (sign up by July 2)

If these times don't work for you, reach out and we'll inform you of future options!


$120 ($30 per session)

Can be covered by insurance


Ben Tudor M.A., Couples & Family Therapist at Artesian Collaborative

Group Therapist

Sometimes we have what we need inside, but we have trouble tapping into it. We want to change but we just aren’t sure we have the stamina, ability or reserve to make it through. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start. All it takes is one step to move closer to the support you need to meet your goals. At Artesian Collaborative, LLC all our therapists are dedicated to helping our clients navigate through the tension and pain in life towards growth and change. We recognize that your identity, culture, history, relationships and experiences all come together to create who you are. Therapy is not a one size fits all model and requires us collaborate through a diversity of treatments, techniques and modalities to unearth your internal resources, build skills and take steps towards your values.

Dr. Sunitha Chandy's goal is to work with people to help them navigate pain and tension and turn it into growth that improves their lives, relationships, communities and the world.

Ben Tudor is passionate about bringing the real world into the therapy room so that skills and development can improve people’s daily lives.

Rosondunnii Marshall understands that it's normal to feel fear when stepping into change and she works with her clients so they don’t have to be stopped or dismayed by said fears or doubts.

Jackie Chavez strongly believes in balance and growth, meaning together she works with her clients to turn pain into purpose.

Sithara Stohr uses a strengths based and person centered strategy to work towards your goals that take into account your beliefs, values and the intersectionality of your identities.

Ben Durchslag works to create a space where you feel safe and secure to be your authentic self.

Artesian Collaborative

Artesian Collaborative is a group practice in Chicago, Illinois specializing in adjustment difficulties & disorders and anxiety.

Thursdays 12pm-1pm starting June 10th OR Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm starting July 8

Illinois (Online)

$120 ($30 per session)