Teen Talk Project


Dr. Urquiza developed Teen Talk Project, after receiving many requests to provide support to teens throughout this difficult time.

Teen Talk Project provides interactive virtual workshops to teenagers ages 14 through 18. Dr. Urquiza developed a curriculum for teens with research-based and culturally sensitive information that encourages healthy habits. Teen Talk Project educates and encourages teens to make healthy decisions.

Adolescence tends to be a difficult developmental stage. Teens try to balance seeking independence while still depending on their caregivers. Teens work to develop an identity of their own while trying to fit in with their peers. Currently, there is also great concern about the impact of COVID19 on teens’ mental well-being.

Through weekly virtual meetings Teen Talk Project facilitates fun activities, while teaching teens about:

Mental Health: Teens learn that just like physical health we all have mental health that we must take care of.  Our April 13, 2021 group will learn about anxiety and depression.  Teens will also learn coping strategies they can utilize during difficult times.

Peer Relationships: Teens may get stuck in unhealthy friendships. Teens will learn how to work through difficult friendships, end unhealthy ones, and how to build healthy and lasting friendships.

Teens are encouraged to ask any questions and engage. The potential for healing and growth rests on how much members are able to connect, share, and learn from one another. It is essential for all members to truly participate for effectiveness..

We are excited about this weekly educational project. Sign up soon to reserve your spot!

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Hi, I’m Dr. Yamilka Urquiza, founder of Halcyon Family Health, an individual, couple, and family therapy practice here in San Diego.

At Halcyon we have highly trained professionals in the field of couple and family therapy. We believe in the importance of relationships, our need for connection, and safety in our homes and in our communities.

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