The Angel Band


The Angel Band Project offers 8-week music therapy sessions online and in person starting in the Fall of 2021!

The sessions are open to any female survivor of sexual assault or intimate partner violence who would like the support of a group and is interested in the healing power of music and sound for helping to relieve symptoms of trauma. Each music therapist consults with our agency partners to determine the best treatment plan based on individual client needs and goals and a thorough intake is provided for all prospective clients to ensure that the group is the right fit for every client.

Group Therapist

Katie is a Licensed Creative Art Therapist, Board-Certified Music Therapist and trauma-informed psychotherapist specializing in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization) music psychotherapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Katie works with a somatic approach for the development of mind-body awareness to focus on where we hold stress and anxiety and to release through breath and sound. Through this awareness, we can begin to release tension and realign to our natural sense of wellbeing.

Katie works with clients who have experienced trauma either from a single incident or repeated trauma. She uses EMDR, music, and breath-work in a holistic, collaborative manner to help clients reduce symptoms and be able to move through and past trauma.

Katie encourages a sense of play and creativity into her practice, including creative movement, free writing, music improvisation, song writing, and deep listening meditation. The subconscious, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self come through curiosity and "Lila" a Sanskrit word meaning "divine play" where we can safely connect with our vulnerability and begin to heal and thrive.

Katie Down

Katie Down is a Licensed Creative Art Therapist and Board-Certified Music Therapist who specializes in trauma, as well as anxiety, depression, and artists’ mental health. Her approach is rooted in mindfulness, including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), as she believes that developing mind-body awareness is key to recognizing inner health and wellness.

September, 2021

New York (Online)