Trauma Providers Online Group (open to 35 states)


Providers who work with people who have experienced trauma can feel the impact of their work in various ways, including vicarious traumatization and burnout. This group is for medical/health providers and other therapists who provide services to individuals who have experienced chronic or acute trauma. Using a supportive and process-oriented framework, the group collaboratively explores the emotional impact of trauma while bolstering members' self-care practices and routines. Online only. Open to participants in 35 states (inquire for details).

Group Therapist

Sarah Kamens, PhD (she/hers) is a clinical psychologist who supports clients in finding their inner compass. Dr. Kamens works with people facing a variety of challenges including difficulties in relationships or at work, depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, life transitions, social marginalization, discrimination, and existential concerns. She has expertise in working with people who have experienced difficult events such as trauma and stress, as well as in working with people who are struggling with their beliefs.

Using person-centered and integrative approaches, Dr. Kamens supports clients in exploring the meanings of experiences and implementing concrete strategies. She believes that therapy is about improving individual lives and about addressing the problems in the world that lead to psychological distress. Dr. Kamens is honored to be present with clients as they discover the great power that they have within themselves.

Dr. Kamens completed her predoctoral clinical training at the Yale University School of Medicine / Connecticut Mental Health Center in adult community mental health. Her postdoctoral clinical training took place at the Yale Specialized Treatment Early in Psychosis program. She received an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University. She holds an MA in Communication from the European Graduate School in what is now the Division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought. She graduated from New York University (summa cum laude) with a BA in Psychology and English & American Literature.

In her own life, Dr. Kamens transitioned from a career in academia to private practice and is familiar with challenges facing students and faculty. She has lived abroad in Europe and the Middle East and draws on those experiences when working with clients facing migration and discrimination. Dr. Kamens is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and believes that love is love.

Sarah Kamens

Sarah Kamens is a therapist in Overland Park, Kansas specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, loneliness, and existential crisis & challenges.


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