WAAG: A Women Artist's Accountability Group


Less bark, more WAAG! Join me for a once a month women artist's accountability group where we will support one another to thrive and live in all of our creative glory! Less bark: less just talking about great ideas! More WAAG: more making these great ideas happen and become the income you need and want! You have the right and ability to to make a living using your greatest gifts and in return it will bring you JOY!

Group Therapist

Stacy Donn Cristo is a holistic psychotherapist in Providence, RI who specializes in working with students, young adults in their 20s, artists, and adults navigating midlife changes.

Clients often come to Stacy’s office for support with anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, exploring questions of identity, and challenges related to family of origin and current roadblocks. Stacy encourages clients to bring the body into therapy by incorporating grounding exercises, gentle yoga, reconnecting with the breath and other various somatic interventions.

Stacy enjoys working with college students who are struggling to balance academic expectations with developing healthy self-care routines and finding their authentic voice. As an artist, she also has deep expertise in working with creative professionals, as well as adults in midlife facing questions about what comes next in relationships, careers, and identity.

Stacy’s goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable space where clients can connect with their authentic selves and true nature. She is passionate about helping clients heal painful past events and move forward to build meaningful relationships with themselves, their bodies, and their loved ones.

Stacy Cristo

Stacy Donn Cristo is a holistic Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Providence, RI specializing in students, young adults in their 20s, artists, life transitions, chronic illness, and individuals facing midlife changes.

Please contact Stacy for the next available session!

345 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909, USA

$25 per session, if committed to all 3 sessions $35 for drop-in