Wellness Classes with Jane


I offer this class as an opportunity to reset amidst the increasing stress we face. How much you want to engage in the group is up to you. You can just show up and listen, but you're definitely going to be invited to breathe! Throughout the group, participants will learn and/or reinforce strategies to manage stress.

Class topics include:
- Basic wellness/managing stress
- Mindfulness/past present future
- Emotion regulation
- Healthy boundaries
- Challenging long standing habits
- Finding joy.

Classes are small (no more than 6 members), and one person each round is offered a full scholarship for the group. Please note that at this time this group is run completely virtually via Zoom.

Group Therapist

Jane Mizrahi is a licensed social worker and founder of GroupsWorks, offering individual and group therapy sessions in Providence, RI. Jane works with teenagers, young adults and college students, adults, and families, and she enjoys bearing witness to her clients' success as they walk their healing journey. Jane has expertise in trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, and depression. She invites her clients to engage in ongoing self-evaluation tools in order to keep therapy moving forward.

Jane uses a holistic approach, drawing from cognitive behavioral therapy, existentialism, mindfulness, and body-based psychotherapies.

Jane earned her Masters in Social Work from Rhode Island College in 2011 and previously served as the Clinical Director of Residential Services at Child & Family Services. Jane found her passion for helping others heal after experiencing great loss in her own life and has since dedicated herself to supporting clients as they heal. Her approach is flexible and dynamic in order to best meet the needs of her clients, and she often encourages clients to incorporate creative and body-based activities into their healing process. Jane is also training in somatic psychotherapies in order to further support clients who are holding trauma in the body. She emphasizes the power of hope, presence, self-compassion, and the mind-body connection.

Jane Mizrahi

Jane Mizrahi is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Providence, RI specializing in trauma, loss and grief, anxiety, depression, supporting clients from marginalized backgrounds. She sees teenagers, young adults, college students, adults, families and runs group therapy sessions.

Wednesdays at 8:00am (for 5 Wednesdays)

Providence, RI 02912, USA

$90 (for 5 sessions)