Yoga + Talk: A Support Group for Women’s Emotional Wellness


Join an 8-week group program for women wanting to transform a time of transition in their lives, into a source of learning, possibility and growth.

Together, we'll explore holistic and creative practices while moving through a four-part program designed to strengthen your emotional wellness through this time of transition. The four parts are Compassion, Calmness, Clarity and Courage.

You'll emerge from this group journey feeling more connected to yourself and to others, feeling a greater sense of inner resilience, and with a vision for what's next for you.

Each cohort journeys together with up to eight members (women 20+). This group can be a great supplement for individual therapy. No prior yoga experience or group experience necessary. All women are welcome.

Enrollment Includes:
- TWO individual meetings: an initial meeting to clarify your goals for the group, and a closing meeting to clarify your learnings from the group and integrate them into what’s next for you.
- EIGHT weekly group meetings featuring an intentional blend of restorative yoga, talk therapy, mindful self-compassion practices, and creative expressive practices.
- Access to a private virtual classroom with resources to support you and enrich your learning: journal prompts, recorded video and audio guided practices, and creative “self work” to encourage deeper exploration and creative expression.

Group Therapist

Michelle Vitale is a licensed counselor and coach offering remote sessions to clients living in RI or PA. Michelle works with adults navigating transitions or challenges in their lives, work, or education, and her practice aims to help clients transform their challenges into opportunities for greater learning, possibility, and growth.

Her work with clients blends both compassion and practical skills that holistically support personal and professional development; her clients build clarity, confidence, and take bold action in a fulfilling direction.

Michelle offers individual counseling, coaching or a blend of both. Additionally, Michelle holds group sessions, as she believes the interplay between and among group participants can create exponential possibilities for growth and positive change.

Michelle received her Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to her work in counseling, she studied Business Administration at Babson College, worked in the private sector (PricewaterhouseCoopers), and spent a year researching women’s leadership in Chile as a Fulbright Scholar.

Her sessions can be in either English or Spanish, and she provides remote therapy sessions as well as in-person.

Michelle Vitale

Michelle Vitale is a bilingual Licensed Mental Health Counselor and coach in Providence, RI working with adults navigating transitions or challenges in their lives, work, or education. She offers sessions in English or Spanish, and she also offers remote therapy sessions.

This group runs two times per year: Spring cohort starts every March and Fall cohort starts every October.

Providence, RI 02906, USA

Two payments of $350