Relationship Group for Young Adults


This virtual group is designed to provide young adults (ages 18-25) a space to work through social issues, relationships and receive support from peers during a key transitional point in life.

Group Therapist

Dr. Jen Kashani has years of hands-on experience working with adolescents and adults who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and looking to work through relationship and career difficulties. Oftentimes, these difficulties present themselves as depression, anxiety, and ultimately trauma. Dr. Kashani will work with you to find relief and learn more adaptable ways of managing emotions that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Working with Dr. Jen can help you to create more insight about yourself and allow for meaningful relationships and career shifts. She will make you feel understood and help you to understand yourself.

Dr. Jen Kashani is certified in psychoanalytic psychotherapy which helps to gently guide you into seeing parts of yourself that are ready to be seen. She also incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in order for patients to better understand cognitions (thoughts) that are arising and how it affects your behaviors and vice versa. Treatment is tailored to your individual goals.

Her office is located at 1849 Sawtelle Blvd. #510 Los Angeles, CA 90025 and offers virtual sessions via video and phone. Contact her today to see how she can help you.

Jennifer Kashani

Dr. Jennifer Kashani works with adolescents and adults who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and looking for relief from depression, anxiety, and past traumas. Oftentimes, these difficult feelings come to the surface in relationships and work. Working with Dr. Jen can create more insight about oneself and allow for meaningful relationships and career.

TBD (depends on group member availability)

California, USA

$640/8-week cycle ($80/group); some participants may be able to use their insurance