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DBT Skills Group


Therapists of New York offers a virtual Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills twice a year. The group has a class-like format and is designed to enhance your abilities to manage painful emotions and develop more effective coping skills. The course follows Marsha Linehan's DBT skills curriculum.

The course will cover four modules:

Mindfulness: Skills to focus on the present, reduce judgement of thoughts, and gain greater control over your thinking. Mindfulness skills are at the core of each of the modules.

Emotion Regulation: Skills to improve your ability to change and cope effectively with emotions, rather than being controlled by your emotional state.

Distress Tolerance: Skills to manage your crises and sit with difficult emotions without making the situation/your problems worse.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: Skills to get your needs met in relationships while attending to and improving those relationships.

DBT groups can be helpful for people who struggle with mood swings, coping with strong emotions, have frequent difficulties in their relationships and have thoughts they cannot stop. They can also be especially useful for people who engage in destructive or impulsive behaviors, such as substance abuse, self-harm, overspending, etc.

The group will focus on learning and applying the skills reviewed, rather than processing stressors. There will be assignments to complete over the week in order to practice the skills and these assignments will be reviewed in the following group to address any barriers getting in the way of doing the work.

Group members come away with new skills to better their day-to-day life and a binder full of reference materials.

The group will be led by Dr. Joey Sergi, who has extensive training and experience facilitating DBT skills groups. All prospective participants will undergo a brief screening to gauge if the group will be a good fit for their particular goals.

Tuesdays 7PM-8:15PM


6 month total duration

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Therapists of New York is a team of doctoral level psychotherapists. We treat individuals and couples struggling with a wide-range of difficulties and/or psychological disorders. We customize treatment to meet each client's individual needs by utilizing our expertise in multiple therapeutic techniques. Our clients are matched by our founder and director, Dr. Elinor Bock, based on personality and specific goals. The matching process relieves the initial hardship of shopping around for the right therapist.

We are a diverse group of therapists with a unified mission: we foster awareness, clarity, relief, and confidence in our clients so that they can overcome obstacles and live freely. We value the importance of genuine, fulfilling, and secure connection with all our clients so they can get the most out of the therapeutic experience.

Therapists of New York

Therapists of New York is a group practice in New York, New York specializing in anxiety, chronic illness, couples counseling, relationship issues, trauma, and mood disorders.

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