All Savers Insurance Company for Therapy

All Savers Insurance Company is a health insurance company within the United Healthcare system. Those with All Savers plans get to use United Healthcare’s large provider network and benefits, including those for mental health services. It is available in nearly all states and is generally a self-funded insurance plan, which means that employers pay for their employees to get coverage.

Does All Savers Insurance Company cover therapy?

Yes, All Savers plans cover mental health services, including therapy. While the amount of coverage you’ll receive through All Savers will vary based on your plan, most plans offer their members at least some benefits towards working with a therapist. Additionally, if your employer buys All Savers insurance for those who work at your company, then you might also receive more coverage for therapy based on their selected benefits.

How do I check if my All Savers Insurance Company plan covers therapy?

The easiest way to check if your All Savers plan offers your therapy coverage is to read through your Summary of Benefits document. This document outlines the amounts of services that All Savers will pay, which can give you a good idea of how much you’ll need to pay per session with your therapist.

When reading through your Summary of Benefits document, look for the section that reads “If you need mental health, behavioral health, or substance abuse services” under the Common Medical Event column, or look under the category that mentions mental health, behavioral health, or substance abuse. You’ll see that your plan differentiates between network providers and out-of-network providers — seeing a network provider will be a less expensive option for you, meaning that you’ll pay less out-of-pocket.

Another way you can determine whether your All Savers plan covers therapy is to call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. When speaking with a customer service representative, ask them about your plan’s coverage for mental health services.

How much does therapy cost with the All Savers Insurance Company plan?

Because All Savers plans are generally designed and paid for by employers, all plans are different when it comes to how much therapy will cost per session. The best way to answer this question is to find out your plan’s specific coverage for mental health services.

However, you could expect to pay a copayment of around $60-75 for every session you have with your in-network therapist. You might also be responsible for paying for a 30% coinsurance, which means that you’ll need to pay 30% of your therapist’s session fee — how much they charge per session. If you see an out-of-network therapist, you’ll have to pay a higher coinsurance which could be around 50% but no copayment. That means that if your therapist charges $250 per session, you’ll need to pay for $175 of it on your own, and All Savers will pay the other $175.

What types of mental health conditions does All Savers Insurance Company cover?

All Savers covers many mental health services for multiple mental health conditions, including the majority of the diagnoses within the DSM-V, the most common diagnostic guide followed by therapists. Often, therapists will need to provide you with a diagnosis for you to qualify for coverage through your All Savers plan.

Here are some examples of eligible mental health conditions:

If you feel uncomfortable receiving a diagnosis from your therapist, you might ask them not to disclose that diagnosis to you — and simply use it for insurance purposes. Many clients and therapists decide not to use insurance benefits to cover therapy because they want to avoid focusing around a diagnosis, using private pay instead.

What types of therapy does All Savers Insurance Company cover?

All Savers Insurance covers evidence-based therapy modalities. Your therapist will likely use multiple types of therapy when working with you, and most of them will be covered by All Savers plans. All Savers requires therapists to use evidence-based therapy modalities when providing coverage for your sessions, which maintains clinical rigor and is meant to ensure that you get effective mental health treatment.

You may have heard of some of these evidence-based therapy modalities, including:

What types of therapy does All Savers Insurance Company NOT cover?

All Savers requires therapy to have clinical rigor in order to be covered. This means that therapies like reiki healing, aromatherapy, and life coaching may not be covered by your insurance plan. This isn’t to say that these types of therapies aren’t helpful, as many people find them incredibly beneficial for their mental health. They simply won’t be eligible for insurance coverage.

To note, some All Savers plans offer coverage for acupuncture — so be sure to read through the fine print to see if you can use your insurance to cover some of the costs for this treatment.

Does All Savers Insurance Company cover online therapy?

Yes, All Savers plans offer coverage for online therapy, as they recognize the importance of accessible and convenient mental health treatment. Individuals who prefer to meet with their therapist on the phone or online will be responsible for the same costs as if they were going for in-person sessions, including the same copays or coinsurance rates.

Does All Savers Insurance Company cover couples therapy?

Some All Savers plans may cover couples therapy, but typically insurance plans do not provide coverage for couples who would like to engage the help of a therapist or couples counselor. The reason behind this is because it can be difficult to assign a diagnosis to a couple, making it harder for All Savers to code for benefits — they won’t be able to track your progress without this information. If you would like to see if your All Savers plan covers couples therapy, refer to your Summary of Benefits or speak with your employer, as they’ll know more about your specific plan.

Do I need to see my primary doctor before starting therapy?

All Savers plans are PPOs and EPOs, which mean that you do not need a referral from your primary doctor to start seeing a therapist. This means that you can start searching for the right therapist for you when you’re ready — be sure to check out both in-network and out-of-network therapists to give yourself the best chances of finding the perfect therapist to help you.