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Relationship Issues

Relationships are an important part of all of our lives. Whether romantic or platonic, our relationships with our nearest and dearest can bring us joy, meaning, and connection like nothing else.

But in part because they mean so much to us, relationships can be stressful.

While some level of conflict in any relationship is normal and can even be a healthy way to grow and connect, relationship issues can also lead to symptoms of common mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. In some cases, relationship issues can escalate into emotional and/or physical abuse. When relationship issues become extreme or frequent, they often interfere with a healthy lifestyle.


Prevalence of relationship issues

Because relationship issues vary so widely and are deeply personal, it’s difficult to know exactly how common they are. However, recent research suggest that general relationship issues are very common, especially around romantic relationships.

Intimate partner violence, which can include physical and/or emotional abuse, is also relatively common in the US.

Symptoms of relationship issues

Relationship issues are different for everyone, and people vary widely in their emotional and psychological responses to these issues. That said, some of the most common symptoms include:

Different types of relationship issues

Though relationship issues come in countless forms, below are some examples of the most common kinds. Most of these could occur in both romantic and platonic relationships:

What to do if you’re experiencing relationship issues

If you’re experiencing any form of stress, conflict, or danger in a relationship, you have several options. Some of them include:

How to find a therapist for relationship issues?

Therapists differ in their approaches to treating relationship issues. Common approaches include:

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