ComPsych for Therapy

ComPsych is an Employer Assistance Program (EAP) provider — in fact, it’s the largest EAP provider in the United States. Companies contract ComPsych to provide their employees with access to mental health care, including therapy and behavioral health programs.

Does ComPsych cover therapy?

Yes, ComPsych’s whole focus is providing individuals with mental health services such as short-term therapy. With their platform GuidanceResources, individuals have access to EAP services, behavioral health resources, and wellness programs.

EAP services include individual sessions with an experienced and credential therapist, including psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and counselors. While often these sessions focus on work-related issues, they can be used to unpack other challenges in the individual’s life.

How do I check if my ComPsych plan covers therapy?

All ComPsych plans offer mental health benefits, however the amount of therapy sessions that you can access may vary based on which ComPsych plan you’re on. To check the details of your ComPsych plan, reach out to your employer’s HR team. They will have information on your company’s ComPsych benefits, including how many free sessions you can access per year.

How much does therapy cost with my ComPsych plan?

Because ComPsych is an EAP provider, you won’t need to pay for their services. This is because your employer pays for ComPsych to support you, as they see mental health support as an essential tool for their employees.

However, it’s important to note that EAP counseling is generally not seen as a long-term option. Instead, they will refer you to another therapist to work with for the long-term after you’ve reached your allocated amount of sessions. They can even help you find a therapist that’s in-network with your insurance. Should you transfer to another therapist for long-term care, you may need to pay for those sessions.

What types of mental health conditions does ComPsych cover?

ComPsych generally supports individuals with work-related stressors, including conflicts with colleagues, burnout, management support, performance enhancement, and more. Many people reach out for an EAP session because they would like to work through a specific issue, as EAP is seen as a short-term solution.

However, you can lean on ComPsych services for non-work-related issues as well, including:

What types of therapy does ComPsych cover?

Because ComPsych limits the number of sessions that an individual can access, the EAP therapists generally use short-term therapy modalities. They offer clients information on coping strategies, encouraging them to prioritize taking care of themselves. They might also teach clients about mindfulness practices or help them determine next steps in a conflict, providing validation and perspective along the way. ComPsych therapists offer individuals a safe space to talk about what’s on their minds, as well as what’s happening in their relationships or family lives.

What types of therapy does ComPsych NOT cover?

ComPsych does not offer long-term therapy, which means that ComPsych therapists will not offer therapy modalities such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and other therapy modalities best delivered over the course of several months or years. ComPsych therapists may incorporate elements of these therapy modalities into their conversations, but clients will not be able to fully participate in these modalities because of the limited number of sessions.

Does ComPsych offer online therapy?

Yes, ComPsych offers online therapy. As a global EAP provider, ComPsych providers are available through a wide range of methods of communication, including online video, phone calls, texts, emails, and more. They believe in the importance of accessibility when it comes to wellbeing, which is one reason why they want to offer multiple ways to connect with a therapist.

Does ComPsych cover couples therapy?

While some EAP providers offer couples therapy, ComPsych does not provide individuals with the ability to bring their partner or partners into sessions with them. This is mainly because an employer provides ComPsych services solely to their employees, so including another person who isn’t an employee in sessions is considered out-of-scope.

However, individuals are still welcome to talk about challenges in their relationships with their EAP therapists. It can still be helpful to work with an EAP therapist when experiencing relationship struggles, even if you cannot attend couples therapy.

Do I need to see my primary doctor before starting therapy?

No, you do not need to see your primary doctor before starting therapy. This is because ComPsych is an EAP provider, you do not need a referral to begin working with a therapist. You also don’t need to get your employer’s permission to attend sessions, as they are an employee benefit to be used when you need additional support.