Surest for Therapy

Surest is a health insurance company owned by UnitedHealthcare. It was previously called Bind and is seen as a low-cost, high-value insurance plan that employers can purchase for their employees. They use a powerful app to make member benefits clear and uncomplicated.

Does Surest cover therapy?

Yes, Surest plans offer coverage for therapy and other mental health services. As an insurance company that positions itself as contemporary and reactive to modern needs, Surest believes that mental health treatment is of high importance when establishing overall well-being.

With their clear pricing and easy-to-navigate app, members can find a therapist and know exactly what they’ll pay immediately.

How do I check if my Surest plan covers therapy?

The best way to check if your Surest plan covers therapy is to read through your Summary of Benefits document, which lists out the prices of each service. Because you likely receive your Surest plan from your employer or a family member’s employer, ask the HR team for a copy of this document if you don’t already have one or cannot find this document online. Look under the category of “If you need mental health, behavioral health, or substance abuse services,” where you’ll see the costs for in-network providers and out-of-network providers.

Otherwise, use the Surest app to see what your costs will be when it comes to accessing therapy. The app shows you exactly what you’re expected to pay by service and even by provider, so you’ll know what to expect when it comes time to pay.

How much does therapy cost with my Surest plan?

How much therapy costs with your Surest plan depends on your specific plan, however expect to pay a copay of around $25 when working with an in-network therapist or a copay of $190 when working with an out-of-network therapist. Having a copay means that you’ll pay this amount each time you see your therapist. It’s much more cost-effective to see an in-network therapist, and Surest’s app and clinical advocates can help you find a high quality, in-network therapist in your area.

What types of mental health conditions does Surest cover?

Surest plans provide coverage for treatment of a wide range of mental health conditions. You may need to receive a specific diagnosis from your therapist, however, to access these benefits. This is because most health insurance companies require a diagnosis so they can track your progress to ensure their benefits are being appropriately used.

Here are a common mental health conditions that are covered by Surest:

What types of therapy does Surest cover?

Surest requires that all covered therapy services be provided by a credentialed mental health professional, like a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, licensed professional counselor, or nurse practitioner. Your therapist must also use evidence-based therapy approaches to help you make progress towards your diagnosis. These therapy approaches must have clinical research backing their efficacy.

Some commonly found, evidence-based therapy approaches include:

Your therapist might also use a blended or integrated approach, which means that they combine multiple approaches so they can provide tailored, individualized sessions. This is also called “eclectic” therapy.

What types of therapy does Surest NOT cover?

Surest does not cover therapy services provided by therapists that do not have professional qualifications recognized by the state in which you live. This means that services provided by life coaches who have no other professional credential are not covered by Surest.

Surest also does not cover non-evidence based therapy approaches like reiki healing or other energy work when it comes to mental health treatment.

Does Surest cover online therapy?

Yes, Surest plans cover online therapy, as they understand the modern appeal to accessing tele-health and teletherapy services. They provide the same amount of coverage per session when you work with your therapist virtually, meaning you’ll have the same copay each session. They believe that online care can enable their members to live healthy, balanced lives, as they won’t need to travel to see their therapists if they don’t want to.

Does Surest cover couples therapy?

No, Surest does not cover couples therapy. It’s not common for health insurance plans to cover couples therapy, as it’s difficult to track a diagnosis outside of individual therapy sessions.

You can still access couples therapy using other options. Despite these options being more expensive than individual therapy, they can help you and your partner or partners grow your relationship and overcome challenges together.

Do I need to see my primary doctor before starting therapy?

Surest offers many different types of plans, including both HMOs and PPOs. If your Surest plan is an HMO, then you will need to see your primary doctor before starting therapy because you’ll need a referral. This referral triggers your mental health coverage, and without it, you might have to pay for the full session fee.

If your Surest plan is a PPO, however, you do not need a referral from your primary doctor before starting therapy. Once you find the right therapist for you, you can start attending sessions without worrying about what it will cost.