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Danielle Nowlan(She/Her/Hers)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
Binge eating disorder-Eating disorders-Mindfulness-Body image-Anxiety-Depression-

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Professional statement

Danielle Nowlan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago, IL who specializes in disordered eating, including binge eating disorder, chronic dieting and emotional eating, body image, and anxiety. While Danielle works with both female and male adults across the lifespan, many of her clients are females in their 20s and 30s.

Danielle’s philosophy is based on intuitive eating, an evidence-based approach that helps individuals find peace with food through learning how to reject diet culture and nourish their body with what feels best and meets their needs. She also approaches her work from a Health at Every SizeⓇ(HAES) framework. She helps clients address areas of healing and growth at a pace that works for their unique needs and goals. For individuals who need more support, Danielle is part of a network of providers who also believes in the HAES approach and can provide appropriate referrals.

Danielle is passionate about the work she does and wants every one of her clients to feel empowered to define health for themselves and heal and discover their personal relationship to food.

Message to clients

Making the decision to enter therapy can be really challenging. The idea of talking about things that you may be struggling to find words for or feel embarrassed about can be so hard. Together we'll find a way to give voice to the parts that feel messy and create a space where it feels safe to share your struggles. I'd love to connect to answer any questions and make sure you feel like it's a good fit.

Work and Education

Private Practice
Community Mental Health

Loyola University Chicago, MSW, 2009
Loyola University Chicago, BSW, 2008


Illinois: 149.014611




Binge eating disorder - Support around distorted body image and beliefs around food; counseling to reshape problematic behaviors and thought patterns; coping strategies for reducing or eliminating episodes of binge eating

Eating disorders - Reducing unhealthy eating patterns, beliefs, and behaviors, such as restricting, purging, and binging; healing the emotional pain surrounding disordered eating

Mindfulness - Bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment

Body image - Development of skills for handling negative thoughts about physical appearance; building habits of more positive self-talk and self-perception

Anxiety - Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)

Depression - Providing support and promoting healing of hopelessness, low motivation and energy, sadness, irritability, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest and pleasure in life


  • Adults (24+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

Locations & Hours


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Blue Choice
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$150 (55min)
  • Initial session:$150 (55min)

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Therapist's note
Danielle can look into your out-of-network benefits and possibly bill as an OON provider to your plan.