Jason  Greenberg

Jason Greenberg

Psychologist, PhD

Accepting new clients at 49 W 24th St, New York, NY 10010, USA (updated October 12, 2019)

Accepting new clients at 45 Windsor Rd, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706, USA (updated October 12, 2019)

Specialties & Expertise

  • Sexual issues
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sex compulsivity

Professional statement

Dr. Jason Greenberg is licensed clinical psychologist specializing in sex and relationship issues, including sexual desire, arousal, performance, functioning, and erectile dysfunction. He has offices in both Flatiron, Manhattan and Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.

Dr. Greenberg works with many men in their 20s and 30s who are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) or other issues related to sex without any known medical cause. These may include premature ejaculation or having difficulties getting aroused or maintaining arousal during sex. Many of these problems have their root cause in anxiety, and Dr. Greenberg helps clients identify the source of their anxiety and help work towards alleviating it. His goal for clients is to start experiencing a fulfilling sex life again, and feel better about themselves and their relationships. Dr. Greenberg also offers individual couples counseling for relationship and sex-related problems, including concerns of infidelity. He works closely with his clients to explore feelings in-depth, develop stronger relationships, and improve communication and intimacy. In addition to his work with men, he sees clients struggling with unrestrained, out-of-control sexual behavior in the form of seeking erotic massages, escorts, and online interactions.

Dr. Greenberg graduated with his Ph.D. from Fordham University in 2001, and subsequently completed the adult program in psychoanalysis at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education (IPE) affiliated with the NYU Langone Medical Center in 2010. He has practiced in an array of outpatient and inpatient settings, and has been in full-time private practice since 2006. He is currently a member of the IPE faculty, teaching in the adult analytic program and supervising candidates in IPE's Psychotherapy and Fellowship Programs.

Message to clients

Are you experiencing issues with sex -- erectile dysfunction (ED), performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual interest, jealousy, problems related to the use of pornography? Or are you grappling with current or past infidelity? Are these issues preventing you from having a satisfying sex life and/or relationship? Are these issues impacting your existing relationship? I will help you resolve these problems so you can have a more fulfilling life, both in and out of the bedroom, by helping you understand the many factors that are affecting your ability to have a satisfying sex life and relationship.
Are you and your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner having difficulties in your relationship? I can help you resolve relationship problems and help you restore trust, communication and intimacy. Have you recently broken up, separated or divorced? I can also help you effectively deal with these challenging life events.
As a Licensed Psychologist and Psychoanalyst who has been helping New Yorkers deal effectively with their relationship problems and sexual issues over the past 15 years, I'll help you get your sex life and relationships where you'd like them to be.


Sexual issues - Supporting individuals and relationships to work towards achieving satisfying sexual lives and functioning; including sexual desire, arousal, and performance or functioning

Relationships - Feeling unsatisfied in your partnership; communication challenges; addressing issues of power and voice; contemplation of separation; questioning one’s place in the relationship; breakups, friendships, dating

Anxiety - Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks

Depression - Sleep and energy disruption, overall mood disturbance, inability to enjoy yourself, and difficulty being motivated, amongst many other symptoms

Sex compulsivity - Building strategies to reduce harmful sexual behaviors; coping with difficult emotions, thoughts, and urges; maintaining healthy relationships

General expertise


Jason Greenberg is not in-network with any insurances.

Read about the benefits of seeing an out-of-network provider here.

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Ongoing session fee: $240 (45min)
  • Couples sessions: $250 (45min)

Therapist's note

Dr. Greenberg can provide you with paperwork for reimbursement from your insurance company if you are seeking out-of-network sessions.



49 West 24th Street

Suite 607

New York, NY 10010

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45 Windsor Road

Greenburgh, NY 10706

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Work and Education

Private Practice, 2005 - Present

Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, Adult Program in Psychoanalysis, 2010

Fordham University, PhD, 2001


  • English
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