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Nikolai Blinow

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC
Rhode Island
Career counseling-Stress management-Anxiety-ADHD-Entrepreneur mental health-Empaths + Highly Sensitive Professionals-

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Professional statement

Nikolai Blinow is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and founder of OMpowerment Psychotherapy, a space for practical, real-life mindfulness and intentional living. She uses her training in interpersonal communications, mental health counseling, yoga, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavioral therapy to create a truly integrative and collaborative style focused on getting you out of your own way.

Nikolai's clients tend to be driven, empathic, and highly-sensitive professionals, who catch themselves in patterns of giving 150% and then feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, and anxious. People who enjoy working with Nikolai don't just want to talk about their problems . . . they want accountability and a game-plan for overcoming them. At the same time, clients who enlist Nikolai know that slowing down is also required, and are seeking a therapist who can help them strike the balance between peacefulness and productivity.

Nikolai finds that she works best with clients who are eager to receive feedback and want to be "compassionately called out." If you want to come to therapy once a week just to vent, then her space probably isn't for you! At Nikolai's practice, clients are constantly finding the "sweet spot" between self-acceptance and personal growth.

Nikolai also provides career + life coaching for Empathic Entrepreneurs and Highly Sensitive Women in Business, who find themselves feeling undervalued, overworked, and unfulfilled in their professions.

With Coaching, Nikolai can help you answer the following:

❓ How can I be successful, and still have balance?

❓ Am I ready for a career change?

❓ Why do I feel so burnt-out?

❓ Is my current role the right fit for me?

Note: Nikolai has a therapy dog in-training named Karma, pictured above, who is present in the office during in-person sessions, which take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. You may want to consider this before scheduling a consultation.

Message to clients

What are you looking for in a therapist? I believe a good therapeutic relationship is a key component of a successful therapy experience. We walk into our therapist's office with our daily stressors and our normal patterns of dealing with these stressors; and with a good therapeutic relationship, we can examine these together. Choosing a therapist you trust, with whom you can be your authentic self, and who shows that same authenticity in return, provides you with a trustworthy environment to examine your flaws and refine your strengths. I work well with clients who want to be 'called out' in a nonjudgmental and supportive way and who also crave a therapist who is an equal partner, rather than a quietly nodding person.

As a therapist who is also a Career + Life Coach, I think it's important to lead by example. I am open and honest with my clients and I commit to practicing every single tool that I teach in my own life (so you know I am not just "talking the walk" without "walking the walk").

If you're seeking a therapist or Coach who is laid-back, warm, and authentic, while also having high standards and encouraging you to put in work to reach your goals, then we could be a great fit!

Work and Education

Years of Experience: 10 years

Private practice
HealthPath, Lead Clinician
Gateway Healthcare, Dual-diagnosis Clinician & Emergency Services Clinciian
Rhode Island College, Graduate Assistant
Brown University, Fundraising and Alumni Relations

Evergreen Certifications, Certified Telementalhealth Provider, 2020
Rhode Island College, MA, 2013
Salem State University, BA, 2007


Rhode Island: MHC00712




Career counseling - Support around personal and professional growth; clarifying career goals and implementing steps toward building a fulfilling career and meaningful work-life balance

Stress management - Coping with stress of life and change, expectations of self and other, overcoming stress-eating + self-sabotaging behaviors

Anxiety - Helping procrastinators, people-pleasers, and perfectionists free themselves from the anxiety that keeps them paralyzed, unfulfilled, and self-sacrificing

ADHD - Skill-building and support around organizational challenges, distracted attention, procrastination; building and maintaining healthy routines and structure

Entrepreneur mental health - Processing through the emotional highs and lows of running a business; learning about one’s values and exploring how these values impact the decisions that one makes for the business

Empaths + Highly Sensitive Professionals - Providing Empathic + Highly Sensitive Professionals with the tools they need to decrease burnout. Leverage your empathic qualities and sensitivities, while remaining boundaried + balanced.


  • Adults (24+)
  • Teenagers (13-18)
  • Young adults (18-24)

Locations & Hours

Now accepting Tufts Commercial Health Plans!

Immediate availability for Life + Career Coaching.


  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Tufts Health Plan

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$195 (50min)
  • Sliding scale:$130 - $195
  • Initial session:$195 (50min)
  • Life + Career Coaching$195 (50min)

Additional session information

Out-of-network billing options

This provider can support you in getting reimbursement from your insurance company if you are seeking out-of-network reimbursement. Here are the out-of-network billing options they provide:

  • Super billing
  • Courtesy billing
Payment options
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Venmo
Session frequency

Frequency of sessions this provider offers to see clients once you are an established client.

  • Every other week
Therapist's note

Professional endorsements

"Nikolai offers a unique approach to working with clients. She has a background in DBT and (prior to becoming a therapist) was a yoga teacher. Her combined experiences have led her to develop into an outside-the-box therapist who is not afraid to incorporate somatic work into her programming, offering clients a unique means to heal."

- Shelby Wood, LPC-MHJune 2017

"Nikolai is awesome. She has a solid knowledge of therapeutic theory and solid skill. She incorporates Mindfulness, DBT, and yoga in a very unique and effective approach."

- Laurie Thornton, LMHCJune 2017

Client testimonials

"Nikolai was upfront and honest about her affordability and availability."
- Zencare client November 2020
"I felt comfortable with Nikolai and was able to get an appointment to see her!"
- Zencare client July 2020
"I recommend Nikolai because she provides specializes in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. When I began seeing her, I was in a terrible state mentally. Through therapy, she fully understood and grasped things that I was very unsure of within myself. She does very well with relating to what I have gone through by providing analogies and strategies to help me cope. During the first few months with her I started excelling academically and being happier with myself."
- Zencare client June 2017

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