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Natalie  Monaghan

Natalie Monaghan

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $175 - $200 per session

So many people feel alone in their struggles, as well as disconnected from friends, family, and self. Seeking support is a brave step that signifies the desire for change, fulfillment and/or connection. Building a relationship with a therapist who is a good match for you and experiencing good therapy will be life changing. It is so important to find a therapist that you respect and connect well with, someone who can bring care and comfort to your most vulnerable parts.
Message to clients with an eating disorder: Struggling with an eating disorder can be such a lonely and isolating experience. Feelings are often internalized and it feels foreign or too scary to externalize them in a state of pure vulnerability. The eating disorder behaviors are helpful to numb self and distract from the current emotions and/or present stressors in your life. Although CBT and DBT skills can be helpful tools to help restructure distorted thinking, regulate emotions and improve distress, I find that it does not shift behaviors. This result leaves people feeling hopeless and frustrated. I feel passionate that the work I do with my clients not only improves symptoms, but is also transformative in the way they relate to family, friends and self.

Adrian   Matthews

Adrian Matthews

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $130 per session

Although the work I do in therapy ends up going in many different directions, the starting point is the same: I believe that when individuals are empowered to make intentional, informed choices about their relationships—choices that reflect their own values, needs, and desires rather than someone else’s—their relationships will be more stable, more satisfying, more sustainable. I want every person I work with to develop: a) insight into which aspects of their relationships have been built around assumptions that may not actually be true or helpful for them, b) clarity about what their values, needs, and desires actually are, and c) skills that will help them translate that insight and clarity into actions that will make all of their relationships—not just their sexual or romantic relationships—more fulfilling and rewarding.

I trust my clients. I trust that they have an intuitive understanding of what kinds of relationships will meet their needs, and that they often just need support in putting that understanding into action; ultimately, my work is about helping my clients have that same trust in themselves. If you'd like support in that process, I want to help. Reach out today to get started.

Greg  Carpenter

Greg Carpenter

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 per session

It is important to find the therapist that feels like the right fit. We come with different personalities, ideas and tools about how to be helpful. My passion for working as a counselor is to help you live life from your solid and centered self.
As I hear your story, we identify your gifts/resources, find obstacles that keep you stuck and work together to release them. Sometimes that means being focused on your outer world and environment. Other times, it means turning inward to discover and let go whatever is keeping you blocked.
I believe life is meant to be experienced, enjoyed and have purpose. You are a unique individual and deserve an approach that is customized to fit your needs (no one-size-fits all). We are all much more than any label or diagnosis. Guiding me in my work as a counselor is a passion for helping people to find their voice, to feel more awake, alive and empowered.

Joy  Heafner

Joy Heafner

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $225 per session

You truly care about your partner, but you’re starting to wonder how long you can keep going like this. You’ve had yet another day of the same old issues. You’re overwhelmed, irritated, and tired of walking on eggshells. It might be hard to admit, but thoughts about leaving your partner are starting to creep in - and you wonder if they are feeling the same way.

I can help. I love helping people create warm and fulfilling relationships, so I’ve devoted my entire practice to working with couples. I have an uncanny knack for seeing many sides of a problem, slowing down the emotional turmoil, and honing in on the heart of the matter in a caring and thoughtful way. I cut through the conflict so that you and your partner can connect in an intimate and real way. No more talking in circles or stony silences.

What would it feel like to go through hard things with your partner without all the confusion, frustration, and defensiveness? Can you imagine being able to have a conversation in which you feel truly heard and respected?

If you’re ready to go from a just-okay relationship to one filled with warmth and teamwork, then schedule a free consultation with me. Let’s discuss what you’re looking for in your relationship and how I can help you find it.

Anthony  Parente

Anthony Parente

Offers Online Sessions
Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Brown University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, Johnson and Wales University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), University of Rhode Island (URI) Student Insurance (United Healthcare), RISD Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), United Healthcare Student Health Plan
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

We all hope for happiness, joy and success in our lives, but sometimes life has a way of undermining our plans. Whether it’s personal loss, struggling with depression, or reaching a crossroad in your life, sometimes it all feels too overwhelming to face alone. Though we live in a culture that encourages independence, I believe there is power in community, and strength in seeking support, for no one person has all the answers.

My approach to therapy is a collaborative process. Your path is unique to you, so when we begin our work I join you on your journey as we explore possibilities and develop solutions together. Your relationship with your therapist is central to the success of your treatment. If you are ready we can work together to make the changes toward a more fulfilling life.

Nicholas J Robenhymer

Nicholas J Robenhymer

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $95 - $125 per session

Darkness can only be scattered by light, hatred can only be conquered by love-John Paull II. I walk with my clients as they deepen their understanding of themselves and process areas of their lives that have caused deep pain. My goal is to help my clients develop evidence-based coping skills and processing techniques to come to a fuller understanding of how their past experiences and world views impact their relationships with loved ones. I believe that one must first develop a positive relationship with themselves to create a strong and powerful relationship with others. Together, we can work in a safe and trauma-informed therapeutic approach to have a more fulfilled relationship with yourself and others.

Sara B. Knight

Sara B. Knight

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

Therapy is a mode of relational experience. Over the course of the initial sessions, I endeavor to build a trusting and open relationship with my clients so that we can address their major areas of concern in a high-functioning interaction where strengths and competencies are highlighted, resources are identified, and goals are discovered and evolve.

Note on sliding scale due to COVID-19: When I offer a sliding scale to my clients, we have a conversation through which we arrive at a reasonable fee based on their honest assessment of what is affordable to them.  We work it out together.  No one should be without access to good therapy, especially during these extremely difficult times.  That said, for those who are experiencing less financial hardship may elect to pay more, their generosity will offset the need of others and allow me to care for more individuals in greater need.  We are in this together.

Beverly  Serabian

Beverly Serabian

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 per session

We're all blessed to be born into this life, and we have this one precious opportunity to develop ourselves. We all deserve to be loved and the place where love starts is self-love. The first and most important love is the love for yourself. We all deserve to feel safe and satisfied, and experience joy in our lives. When people come into therapy, they come in with pain, so the work is to move people from pain to peace, and the joy begins to emerge simply by removing that pain and finding peace. Some people are satisfied with finding peace, and that's wonderful; others may want more, and we can together work from that peaceful place to cultivate and realize their full potential. It's a wonderfully creative endeavor, and a beautiful way to live life.

Karin  Lewis

Karin Lewis

Offers Online Sessions
Out-of-pocket-fees: $200 per session

It's with great pride and gratitude that I introduce you to the Karin Lewis Eating Disorder Center. Together, we will take the time to understand the function of your eating disorder while simultaneously exploring and strengthening the unique and valuable parts of your inner self. As a recovered clinician, it is an honor for me and my staff to help you persevere through the challenging battles of an eating disorder.

Andrew  Leonard

Andrew Leonard

Offers Online Sessions
Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Brown University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), Medicare, United Healthcare, Johnson and Wales University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), University of Rhode Island (URI) Student Insurance (United Healthcare), RISD Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), United Healthcare Student Health Plan, Optum, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
Out-of-pocket-fees: $75 - $150 per session

Coming into therapy can be an extremely difficult decision. As such, the respect and appreciation I have for the courage it takes to reach out for help and to allow yourself to be vulnerable in therapy is immeasurable. The responsibility that comes along with this as a psychotherapist is something I will never take lightly or lose sight of. Therefore, I am 100% committed to the work we undergo together and will always aspire to offer a treatment environment in which you feel comfortable, respected, and valued at all times by a competent and empathic professional.

Our work together will always be a collaborative effort. If you find that you are having trouble believing in yourself, know that I do, and that we will work to get you to the point where you do as well. I truly believe that every human being is capable of making positive, meaningful changes, even when it may be challenging to believe this initially—all it takes is a small amount of willingness and open-mindedness to build upon. The fact that you are even reading this right now shows that you have both of these already.

Whenever you feel ready, please do not hesitate to reach out to chat a bit about any questions you may have or just to see if we are the right fit.

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