Therapists Specializing in Sex Addiction in Rhode Island

Sex addiction, or “compulsive sexual behavior,” refers to repeated difficulties controlling strong urges to participate in sexual activities, despite harmful consequences. Compulsive sexual behaviors can disrupt a person’s daily activities and cause distress, both to the person experiencing them and to those around them. Some might also experience other mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression.

Therapists with specialized training in sex therapy and addictions can help support clients navigating recovery from sex addiction. Below are therapists with this expertise who can help people understand the condition and underlying causes, learn techniques to control urges, and work towards behavior change. Therapists aim to help people work towards a healthier level of engagement in sexual activity so that it no longer adversely impacts everyday life and wellbeing.

Find therapists in Rhode Island who specialize in sex addiction below. Therapists have been vetted by the Zencare team for clinically rigorous, quality care. Visit their profiles to watch an introductory video and book a free initial call to find a good fit!

Kendra  Capalbo

Kendra Capalbo

193 Waterman Street, Providence, RI, 02906

Online Sessions, RI

Accepting new clients online
Out-of-pocket-fees: $450 per session

I have designed my practice to reflect more of a concierge model. What this means is that I take on fewer clients, thus allowing me to offer you more availability, flexibility and accessibility. This allows me to extend sessions when needed at no additional cost and schedule last minute appointments if you hit a bump in the road and need additional support. I also offer extremely flexible hours including early morning, late night and weekend appointments - I work around YOUR schedule.

Born of a true love for couples work, I have made it the focus of my practice. You can rest assured that I have the necessary training needed to do this work well and that I am always building on that foundation.

It is important to me that I set couples up for success and that means only working with couples who meet the criteria that seems to be a good fit with my style. I offer a complimentary consultation to determine this. If I feel we would work well together, I will offer you an invitation to move forward and then the two of you will decide privately if you feel I am the clinician you feel comfortable enough with to invite into the most intimate part of your lives. If you do, we will begin the work.

I recognize how much of an honor it is to do this work and hope we can do it together.

Kira  Keenan

Kira Keenan

1804 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI, 02904

Online Sessions, RI

Not accepting new clients
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 per session

I'm excited to both work with people who have very specific sexuality related goals that they would like support around, and to do general mental health counseling with people who do not want to educate their therapist about a specific part of their sexual and/or gender identity. I work to create a space where people can show up as their full and complicated selves and trust that they will be genuinely cared about. I have specific training around gender diversity including trans and non-binary identities.

As a relational therapist it is central to my work that I develop authentic and healing therapeutic relationships with my clients where they know they are unconditionally cared about, and where they can do challenging and vulnerable relational work in a boundaried and structured environment.

Our therapy program is based in a sex positive philosophy that frames a wide diversity of identities, desires, and sexual behaviors as healthy and normal. We center social justice, personal autonomy, and consent as our guiding values. If this sounds like support that meets your unique self and needs - I'm excited to work with you.

David  Mackall

David Mackall

1 Richmond Square, Providence, RI, 02906

Online Sessions, RI

Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Brown University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), United Healthcare, Johnson and Wales University Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), University of Rhode Island (URI) Student Insurance (United Healthcare), RISD Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), United Healthcare Student Health Plan
Not accepting new clients
Out-of-pocket-fees: $120 per session

We are increasingly living in a time of hurry and superficiality which does damage to our mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it is important to give yourself the gift of therapy in which you can slow down, go deep and learn new ways to manage the challenges of life. 

It is important to look around at the different therapists in your area to find someone you feel will be a good fit so you can talk about the things that are troubling you and find the support and encouragement you need. I would be glad to work with you to offer this support!

Thomas  Lundin

Thomas Lundin

1200 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, RI, 02920

Online Sessions, RI

Insurances: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts Health Plan, United Healthcare, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
Not accepting new clients
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 per session

Most people that I work with struggle with everyday sources of stress including but not limited to work life, romantic relationships, family conflict or health issues. People need a safe and contained space to work on real life issues as they present themselves. I work to ensure a comfortable environment and I rely heavily on a practical solution-focused approach to therapy. It is my experience that I am a good fit for someone looking for a therapeutic partnership in a positive, goal-oriented environment to work on coping skills and self-improvement.

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