Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Relapse Prevention Group


This skill building group is for individuals who are recently abstinent and are seeking support in early recovery. The goal of the group is to enhance self-control and raise awareness of problematic thoughts and behaviors and replace them with new more effective thoughts, skills and strategies for maintaining abstinence. Based on a cognitive behavioral model established at Yale University School of Medicine, we will focus on topics such as exploring positive and negative consequences of continued use, self-monitoring to recognize craving early on, identifying internal and external triggers, coping with cravings, practicing refusal skills, articulating goals and addressing ambivalence. Members will have homework to support skills learned in the group meetings.

Collaboration with group members’ individual therapists with their permission is welcomed. If interested, please contact us.

Group Therapist

Wholeview Direct, is a fully virtual outpatient addiction treatment program. Through this program, physicians, nurse practitioners, masters-level clinicians, and peers provide the most effective treatment techniques and therapies for alcohol and substance use disorders using a proven telehealth model designed to make treatment as convenient and accessible as possible. All of our clinicians will work with patients to design a comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

Wholeview Direct

Wholeview Wellness is an outpatient addiction treatment center committed to providing patients with the highest quality therapeutic experience in addiction treatment.

Tuesdays 12:30-2:00pm

New York (Online)

Group Fee: $150 per session