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Adult Eating Disorder Process Group


New Group Alert!

We are thrilled to announce we are offering and now enrolling for our ongoing Eating Disorder Adult Process Group starting Thursday beginning March 2022. This a closed group that will be meeting virtually once a week. California and Colorado residents only. Please reach out if you have any questions or share with those who may be interested in joining. To sign up and/or inquire please see flyer below for contact information.

Group Therapist

Myeisha Brooks is a Licensed Marriage in Family Therapist based in Encino, CA. Myeisha is committed to working with individuals from marginalized populations and helping them to find healing and peace from challenging life experiences. Many of her clients are working professionals who struggle with imposter syndrome, managing anxiety, maintaining a balanced life, eating disorders/disordered eating, processing emotions surrounding parenthood, adjusting to parenthood, first time parents, birth trauma, and those dealing with childhood and other traumas.

Myeisha’s treatment philosophy is rooted in a eclectic approach. Myeisha utilizes EMDR, Brainspotting, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Practices to assist her clients in finding deeper healing and meaning in life. She works to help clients find ways to integrate mind and body connectedness so that clients leave treatment feeling centered and free to truly be themselves.

Myeisha is focused on the client’s overall well-being. Myeisha helps to facilitate a process to encourage the client to feel comfortable and confident in their process and decision-making skills. As a Trauma-Informed Therapist, Myeisha is carefully aware of how past experiences can directly impact present experiences and ability to be fully present. In her work with clients she helps facilitate a healing process that allows clients to work through their trauma, while also creating a space for self-compassion, confidence, and safety.

Myeisha’s is committed to maintaining an inclusive practice where all clients feel free to be themselves in an environment that allows them to feel safe, heard and seen. Myeisha currently offers Telehealth services throughout California and Colorado.

Myeisha Brooks

Myeisha Brooks is a therapist in Los Angeles, California specializing in trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, life transitions, Work/Life satisfaction, and perinatal mental health.

Thursdays at 1:00pm

California (Online)