Burning & Building: Bridging LGBTQ+ Identity & Family Relationships


This group is right for you if…

- you identify as LGBTQ+ and want a safe space to discuss family relationships.

- you are seeking empowerment to communicate openly about your family dynamics.

- establishing boundaries within family relationships is important to you.

- participating in effective self-care practices is a goal in your journey.

- you value person-centered approaches to care and support.

- you are looking for culturally competent resources and discussions.

- addressing and improving unhealthy family relationships is part of your focus.

- you are interested in preventing the development of future mental health concerns.

- you are looking for a supportive community to help navigate the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity and family dynamics.

Group Therapist

Lillac Counseling Services, LLC is a teaching practice where graduate-level student counselors work with licensed mental health professionals. Students may observe or co-treat in sessions with your consent, gaining hands-on experience. These student counselors actively contribute to your treatment under the guidance of their LCS; licensed supervisor, and school faculty.

At LCS;, counselors are committed to unconditional positive regard, accepting you wherever you are in your healing journey, without judgment. The team will offer recommendations or referrals if LCS; cannot provide the necessary services or accommodate specific barriers.

The LCS; team is culturally aware and committed to ongoing personal and professional growth. They respect and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, acknowledging their limitations in understanding and striving to deepen their comprehension of different cultures and client needs.

Lillac Counseling Services, LLC

Lillac Counseling Services, LLC is a group practice in Alaska specializing in anxiety, depression, family issues, trauma, clinical supervision, and mind-body connection.

Tuesdays 4:30PM - 6:00PM (Starts March 12, 2024)

Alaska (Online)

Alaska Medicaid, BCBS, Self-Pay ($65/session)