Natalie Fraize


Participants gain valuable input and support from members as well as education and resources to empower healthy long lasting lifestyle change.

Group Therapist

Therapy is not one size fits all. Therapy should be tailored to your needs and what you need from therapy may change as you change. If you have an idea of therapy that you don’t like, you’ve had a bad experience, or you know exactly what you want, these are things I hope you’ll tell me so that I can provide you with the best experience possible.

I have experience working on interdisciplinary teams to provide therapy and have seen the benefits of having multiple sources of input. I believe that the more collaboration there is, the better. If there is anyone you feel should be involved in your treatment, such as your primary care physician or psychiatrist, I am excited to work as a team to provide the best care possible.

Natalie Fraize

Natalie Fraize is a therapist in Amherst, New York specializing in anxiety, chronic illness, communication issues, depression, work stress, and mind-body connection.

Mondays at 5 and 6 pm, Fridays at 5:30 pm

4330 Maple Road, Buffalo, New York 14226

$40, sliding scale available