Emotion Skills Class for Teen Girls (DBT Group)


**GROUP IS CURRENTLY MEETING AND ACCEPTS NEW MEMBERS ANYTIME** This group is for girls 12-17 years old wanting to decrease impulsive behaviors or improve mood, self-esteem, relationships, and decision making. Participants will learn distress tolerance, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and relationship effectiveness. Sessions are 90 minutes: the first 35 minutes operates as a support group with 2-3 minutes focused on each individual participant, receiving feedback and support from therapist and peer support; 10 minute snack and socialize break, and 45 minutes of DBT lessons and discussions that follow the workbook. Participants much purchase the workbook (available on Amazon): The DBT Skills Workbook for Teens: A Fun Guide to Manage Anxiety and Stress, Understand Your Emotions and Learn Effective Communication Skills by Teen Thrive. Participants are not required to have an individual therapist. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidence based practice. New participants can join anytime.

Group Therapist

Courtney Brown is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Mesa, Arizona. She welcomes all aspects of who you are into the therapy room—your struggles, fear, passions, beliefs, and spirituality. She will help you utilize the values, strengths and skills you already possess to help you break free from impeding thoughts to become the strongest version of yourself. She primarily uses CBT and ACT models to address stress, anxiety, depression, and improve self-confidence.

Courtney works with couples, families, individuals, and also facilitates group therapy. Family relationships can be the most rewarding and long-lasting. Sometimes additional support is needed to help relationships flourish. She works with teen girls ages 12+ to develop coping skills, self-esteem, strengthen parent-child relationships and help families increase resilience. In couples counseling she utilizes EFT to help couples repair the bonds strained from miscommunication, betrayal, disengagement, or unmet needs. She also loves to serve premarital couples as they prepare for a successful marriage.

She facilitates DBT groups for teen girls and adults, to improve mood, relationships, and decision making. Participants learn to live in the moment, cope with stress, and regulate emotions. These are life skills everyone needs! No diagnosis is required, but DBT can help with anxiety, depression, anger and impulsive behaviors.

Courtney has a wide range of experience in the mental health field, including growing up with a brother with autism and physical disabilities, volunteering at a psych unit to support the schizophrenic patients, and working with teen girls in residential treatment. She volunteered as a missionary for her church for 18 months, lived for 4 months in Israel on a study abroad, and loves diversity/learning about different cultures from her clients.

Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown is a therapist in Mesa, Arizona specializing in academic challenges, anxiety, depression, couples counseling, Faith Crises, and adolescent mental health.

Thursdays 6:00pm-7:30pm

4320 East Brown Road, Mesa, Arizona 85205

$40 a session, billed monthly