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DBT Skills


The DBT Skills group is a 16-week virtual group focused on helping individuals gain the skills to better regulate and manage their mood and relationships. Across the 16 weeks, individuals will learn skills in four different areas: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regular, and Distress Tolerance.

Mindfulness skills represent a set of skills to help individuals ground in the present moment and to reduce suffering. Interpersonal effectiveness skills represent skills to help individuals build better relationships, end destructive ones, and become more effective at asking for what they want. Emotion regulation skills help individuals to understand and name their emotions and decrease frequency of unwanted emotions. Lastly, distress tolerance skills aim to help individuals survive crisis situations better and accept reality as it is.

Group Therapist

Dr. Robbins is a clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience who believes a strong therapy relationship can not only be transformative, but life changing. With a warm and supportive approach, she works to provide a safe space for honest and genuine exploration of oneself and the barriers to emotional well-being. In your work with her, she will utilize her expertise to help identify unhelpful thought and behavioral patterns keeping you stuck and together you will work to modify these.

She has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and mindfulness-based approaches with a specialization in cognition and mind-body connection. She works with individuals, families and couples in the treatment of anxiety, depression, life transitions, chronic pain, neurodegenerative diseases, and other mental health concerns. She views her role as helping clients deepen their understanding of themselves and others in order to move towards a life that feels more authentic and valuable to them.

She recognizes that sometimes getting started can be the most challenging and daunting aspect of change. She looks forward to standing by you and empowering you while you take your first steps in this journey.

Ruth Robbins

Ruth Robbins is a therapist in Los Angeles, California specializing in anxiety, chronic illness, aging related concerns, depression, perfectionism, and insomnia & sleep issues.


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