Divorce 101 - Lunch and Learn


Divorce can be a difficult process. It involves a great deal of reorienting from a life together to a life apart. It involves not only you and your soon to be ex-spouse, but also your children (if you have any), as well as your family and friends.

This brief Lunch and Learn group will go through the basics of how to divorce in a way that reduces the strain on yourself and the individuals connected to the marriage. While not a "just do this" promise (no one can truly promise that), you will learn best approaches for the emotional strength and well-being of everyone involved. A financial planner is included in the early sessions to help understand what you need to know and arrange financially for your present and future financial well-being.

Covering topics from "How did this happen?", to "What do I tell the kids/family/friends?", and "What will life be like after divorce?", this group helps individuals navigate through the process from beginning to completion and beyond in the healthiest way possible.

Group Therapist

Brian Goonan

Brian Goonan is a therapist in BELLAIRE, Texas specializing in adjustment difficulties & disorders, adolescent mental health, couples counseling, life transitions, relationship issues, and dating.

Thursdays 12:20p

Texas (Online)

8 sessions - $600 ($75 per session)