Fear of Flying Group


The Fear of Flying Therapy group is designed for those who have anxiety before or during flights that prevents them from flying at all or creates significant discomfort when they do. The flight anxiety group members get support from each other, learn therapeutic techniques to manage their anxiety, and learn how to confront their fear at a pace they are comfortable with. The group's results have been highly positive.

It is an "open" group, meaning new people can join anytime. Given the group format, the cost is relatively low. This group is offered virtually only and is available to people in most states. I have been treating my fear of flying for close to 15 years, and I use a variety of techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure response prevention (ERP), mindfulness, and psychoeducational.

Group Therapist

Dr. Jacobson is a Clinical Psychologist who has practiced for over 20 years. He takes an integrative approach, tailoring his process to each client's unique goals and hopes. He borrows from a wide variety of powerful and proven therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, positive psychology, and solution-focused therapy. His work is always wrapped in a humanistic approach, which focuses on potential and strength rather than dysfunction. The goal is to overcome challenges and roadblocks so that you can feel your best and reach your true potential.

Dr. Jacobson works virtually, which opens up more possibilities regarding when you meet and allows him to serve people who do not live near his office. He is happy to provide a quick consultation to ensure that you feel there is a good match and to let you know what the results of your work together should look like. He works with adults individually, with couples, and with families. He also provides psychological testing for those looking to get more clarity about their strengths and how they can overcome challenges.

Alan Jacobson

Alan Jacobson is a therapist in Norwood, Massachusetts specializing in anxiety, college & graduate student mental health, couples counseling, depression, sports psychology, and psychological evaluations & testing.


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