Group for Women 50 Years & Older


The focus of this group is to support and empower women who are finding themselves in a place of transition.

Whether it be aging children, aging parents, reclaiming yourself, navigating a personal relationship, creating new relationships, next professional steps or any other crossroads- this is an opportunity to meet other bright, capable, dynamic women who are interested in exploring this life stage.

Group Therapist

Ms. Meisel (Deborah) is the founder of TMA - The Meisel Associates which is located in Downtown Bethesda, MD. where she is a licensed (LICSW, LCSW-C) clinical therapist that works with clients who have a variety of needs.

Deborah has gained incredible experience through her years of professional work in Washington State, the Greater Boston Area, and Washington, D.C.

Her early days were in the area of crisis work while advocating for mental health treatment facilities, to training & educating schools on how to reduce the possibility of gun violence in their setting.

As her experience progressed Deborah was asked to be in management roles where she oversaw the staff, resources, and finances at a regional hospital that provided mental health & clinical needs to an underserved immigrant community.

Before Deb moved to Washington, D.C. she was an Associate Professor at Brown Universities School of Medicine, a Clinical Social Worker for Women & Infants Hospital where she worked at a breast and gynecological oncology center with women who have breast cancer. She traveled as a national trainer, speaker and curriculum developer for Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

Deborah decided to become a social worker because it truly spoke to her-who she is as a person and how she wanted t to approach people's needs and today- how she approaches mental health for all of her patients. It all begins with your needs, exploring your strengths, and ensuring that you two work as a team to get to a better spot.

Deborah has day, night, & weekend appointments for her clients as your needs are not typically from 8am to 4pm. Deb is kind, sincere, honest, direct, and more than anything-flexible. She is here for you, her client.

Deborah Meisel

Deborah Meisel is a therapist in Bethesda, Maryland specializing in adjustment difficulties & disorders, anxiety, chronic illness, self-esteem, stress management, and relationship issues.

Thursday evenings | 7pm to 8:30pm

Washington DC (Online)

$75 per session commitment to all 8 sessions