Interpersonal Process Group


Group psychotherapy is a dynamic and effective form of change. Group members learn to deepen connections with others, improve communication, and make significant changes to the way they behave in relationships. People often develop ineffective communication styles in the context of growing up in hurtful or dysfunctional family systems. Group therapy is a means of coming to understand and profoundly change limiting and painful ways of being with others. It works to diminish isolation, guilt, and shame.

Group Therapist

Corey Flanders is counselor in Providence, RI with expertise in existential challenges, spiritual guidance, loss of meaning, anxiety, depression, and trauma. He combines excellence in evidence-based therapy techniques with his lifelong experience as a meditator to help clients move beyond symptoms and lead more fulfilling lives.

Corey specializes in supporting clients as they navigate any kind of challenging life transition, from the first year of college, to entering the working world, becoming a parent or an empty nester, and taking steps towards retirement. His expertise lies in helping clients find meaning or purpose during times of change, such as when life circumstances shift and you are no longer certain of who you are, what your relationships should look like, and what you’re meant to be doing.

Corey has additional training in a mind-body approach to healing trauma, which may include any kind of experience that threatens a client’s sense of safety. He builds upon each client's existing strengths, and gently guides survivors of trauma as they tap into their inner experience in order to move beyond recent or deeply hidden wounds.

Corey’s practice approach is informed by 20 years experience studying and practicing Buddhism and other contemplative traditions, including years as a novice monk, initiated medium, and over 400 days of silent retreat practice. His mission is to help clients reconnect with their passions, and access inner joy and resilience.

Corey Flanders

Corey Flanders is a Licensed Mental Health Counselors in Providence, RI with expertise in mindfulness, spirituality, loss and grief, trauma, existential challenges, life transitions, anxiety, and depression. He sees young adults, college students, adults, couples, families, parents, and seniors.

Every Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Providence, Rhode Island

$60 per session