High Ground - Brotherhood (Christian men's sexual addiction recovery group)


High Ground - Brotherhood is not the group for men wanting to "check a box" and say that they're "trying" to their wife or girlfriend who has learned about their porn or other sexual purity problem. It is for men who want to actually be free of the problem and are willing to work hard to gain and maintain that freedom.

We don't just focus on not acting out, we focus on healing the underlying wounds and brokenness that helped the problem to flourish. Once the infection is cleaned out, the wounds start to heal.

One of the highest goals of the group is for every man to get to the point that they don't need the group anymore. All the things that brought them to the group have been resolved and all the needs that the group had been meeting are being met in their "regular" lives. Those men leave the group living life in freedom.

The group is offered in hybrid formats, with every session being offered both in-person and online.

Group Therapist

The four counselors and coaches of The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families (CMMF) believe that every human being is made in the Image of God and, as such, is worthy of honor and respect solely because of that. We strive so that every interaction a client has with someone at CMMF leaves that person feeling honored and respected. Because of the often very difficult things we help with, not every client leaves with a smile on their face, but they do leave feeling like they're not alone in dealing with what they are facing in life and/or relationships and that they are honored and respected by the person they have allowed to come alongside them to help.

We have a variety of education and experiences that allow us to help a wide variety of people who are hurting. One of the highest goals all of our counselors and coaches have is to "work ourselves out of a job with every client." We work very hard to get every client to the point that they say, "I just don't need you any more. I'll take it from here!"

Dr. John VanderKaay leads the CMMF Team. He is a Texas Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Supervisor, Double Board Certified in Professional Christian and Pastoral Counseling, has a Doctorate in Marriage & Family Counseling, a Masters specializing in Pastoral Counseling, and a Masters in Theology. He is a retired US military chaplain. He has been counseling for almost 30 years.

Germanie James is a Texas Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate and is nearing the completion of her associate training to become independently licensed.

Jason Goodreau and Julie Forman are both trained and certified Mental Health & Life Coaches, with years of experience.

The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families

The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families is a group practice in Conroe, Texas specializing in couples counseling, relationship issues, sex addiction, spirituality & religion, trauma, and veterans' issues.

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