Internal Family Systems


Using the Internal Family Systems systems model, this group welcomes people wanting a supportive, deep, healing connection with others while exploring their own defenses and vulnerabilities.

I am an IFS therapist who will have completed the Level 2 training in November of 2023. My experience in IFS is both enthusiastically professional, and deeply personal, so I'm well aware of the power this compassionate, accepting and transformative modality offers.

The group will allow for 4-5 people. Some knowledge of or experience with IFS is highly recommended. This will be a time for people to have a safe, confidential space to share and explore parts of themselves in the context of a supportive and compassionate group of others who share IFS as a foundation for their own sense of healing.

Group Therapist

Elizabeth Gottlieb Gattone is a licensed clinical social worker in both New York and Florida, serving a wide diversity of clients, both individually and as couples. Her clients currently range in age from college age students to adults in their senior years, seeking therapy due to anxiety, relationship issues, depression, and work/life transitions.

Her work with individuals and couples resides on a broad foundation, considering not only that our past personal experiences help determine our current reactions and patterns, but also taking into account what we can learn from the larger context of cultural and societal legacies and influences. She often follows the tenets of Internal Family Systems, a powerfully effective modality that broadly encompasses other theoretical approaches including attachment, compassion-focused, psychodynamic, acceptance/commitment, meditative/mindfulness, Gestalt, and of course, family systems. IFS offers a non-pathologizing approach, helping clients to see their selves, emotions and behaviors in a new light, while nurturing painful emotions instead of branding them as negative or dysfunctional. Through taking a leadership role in a collaborative process, clients have the opportunity to experience the confidence of becoming an empowered, compassionate, capable participant, leading the way on their own path toward healing and new perspectives.

Elizabeth's approach is warm and welcoming, non-judgmental, and highly respects the views and ideas of her clients. She is available for video or phone sessions, where she encourages each client to create a comforting, private, and safe space to talk.

Elizabeth Gottlieb Gattone

Elizabeth Gottlieb Gattone is a therapist in New York, New York specializing in anxiety, couples counseling, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, and conflict resolution.

Saturday mornings 9:00-1030

New York (Online)