Joining in Joy - an expressive arts group for adults experiencing loneliness | 6 weeks


This group is co-facilitated by Emily & Morgan. Coming together, we will explore how the use of arts can help deepen our connection to ourselves and aid in connecting with others. This group will utilize music, art, movement, and talk therapy approaches to help explore what it means to be human in an isolating world. Our hope is group members will relate/understand their own loneliness in new ways, find connection with others, and experience joy with others. This group will be structured and run for 6 weeks. We invite you to come play!

Group Therapist

Create Art & Wellness is an expressive therapies collective. Our team specializes in facilitating the use of the arts for individual and group healing. This may include; music, drama, art, writing, movement, and play. When folks work with us, they may be verbally processing information as well as engaging in the creative process. Sometimes, we may practice various breathing exercises or embodied interventions, such as yoga techniques. Sessions are co-created and focus on listening to your own inner wisdom as the true guide for healing.

You do not need to have any skill or be "good" at the arts to benefit from expressive therapies! The use of the arts can be seen across time and cultures. Science is beginning to confirm what many already know - humans are wired for art. Engaging in the arts is a whole brain and embodied experience. Sometimes there is suffering that words cannot capture, and using the arts can help us to put a voice to it. The arts can help shift perceptive and gain new insights. For youth, it can support healthy brain development. The arts are kids' natural way of exploring and working things out. In arts purest form, it just feels good - allowing us to access our own inner goodness and joy.

Emily Natale is the founder of Create. She has over a decade of experience working with culturally and diagnostically diverse people. She is passionate about creating community and her own experience has lead her to build the healing arts studio - where all are welcome. Morgan Johnston, MA, a board certified music therapist, and Susie Schutt, MA, a registered drama therapist, are both associates working towards their mental health license. The team has diverse clinical experiences & shared knowing of how the arts heal.

Create Art & Wellness, LLC

Create Art & Wellness, LLC is a group practice in Pawtucket, Rhode Island specializing in mind-body connection, chronic pain, trauma, spirituality & religion, child mental health, and adolescent mental health.

Monday evenings 6:30-8pm

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

$350 for the series