Just Me


Just Me” This group is designed with the primary focus of assisting single parents in coping and navigating their mental health through the pandemic. This group provides single parents with the practical everyday coping mechanisms in dealing with the stressors. This group allows for a safe space for single parents to create a sense of communication and replenish themselves. Due to COVID 19, this group will be conducted via telehealth.

Group Therapist

Theronda Myers, is a licensed clinical social worker. Theronda received a Master of Social Work degree from Boston University (MSW). Theronda has extensive experience treating anxiety and depression, sexual assault, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Theronda has worked in various settings, including community mental health, school social work, nursing homes, children and family agencies, community mental health advocacy organizations, and community mental health settings. She has over thirteen years of experience as an Emergency Crisis Counselor. Theronda has discovered through her work and personal experience that women are twice as likely as men to experience posttraumatic symptoms and to experience them for longer. According to Theronda's research, mental health stigma prevents women from seeking help, making them more likely to experience stress, which is a strong predictor of mental illness. In 2017, Theronda founded Abide Intergrative Services, inviting women and men of all ages to work together to combat mental health stigma and trauma.

Abide understands our clients come to us with a variety of experiences, skills, and strengths, and we work with you to cultivate your innate resources and develop new skills to help you find sustainable solutions for the issues you are facing. We believe that therapy should be a comfortable collaboration between the therapist and client to best serve client’s wellness needs of mind, body, and spirit.

At Abide we believe, you are not alone in this journey and that we can overcome stigma, shame, and trauma barriers by working together. Although our clients' circumstances have impacted their lives, Abide hopes they do not define or limit them. With this in mind, Abide works hard to help her clients thrive.

Theronda Myers

Theronda Myers is a therapist in Worcester, Massachusetts specializing in anxiety, depression, domestic violence, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), women's issues, and abortion & post abortion challenges.

Wednesdays at 7-8pm

Florida (Online)