Men’s Divorce Support Group


This is a virtual group that will be held through a HIPAA compliant secure software. The maximum number of members will be 8 and the facilitator is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. The group will be targeted toward a range of issues that affect men, related to divorce or ending of a serious relationship. Some of the topics would include accepting and adjusting to “a new life", when and how to tell friends and family about it, co-parenting and communication with your ex, managing symptoms of depression and anxiety, financial issues and concerns, and dating again, etc.

The appropriate group member is an adult male, who is able to commit to consistent attendance. He is mentally and emotionally ready and able to engage in serious discussion. He is open minded and receptive to support from others. While it is an open group, members will not be frequently joining or leaving so as to not disrupt the group process. The expectation is that members will attend the group long enough to benefit and join the cohesiveness of group therapy. While it is not required to attend individual therapy, it may be recommended for attendance.

Prior to joining the group, members will participate in a brief 30 min. consultation with the group facilitator Ryan Freda, LMHC. The consultation fee is $50 and consists of a brief video session to gather background information and talk more about the group. This consultation is set up through Reclaim Life Counseling during your initial contact if possible. Each group session fee is $50 per person. While this is a support group, it is also a therapy group and may be covered by your insurance plan. As applicable, we will verify your benefits and notify you if there is coverage, and how much.

Divorce is a major life change. It can be lonely and confusing. Divorce group therapy is not a common service readily available. As such, our goal is to bring men together and guide them through the process, together. Our hope is that through this group, our members will feel some alleviation of stress associated with divorce or separation.

Group Therapist

Reclaim Life Counseling is a group therapy practice located in FL, that provides remote counseling. Reclaim Life Counseling works with adolescents, adolescents, and adults. Their ideal client wants to lean into personal development, as well as couples and families who want to strengthen their connections or peacefully part. Their goal is to help others who are distracted by their anxiety, depression, adjustment challenges, relationship conflicts, or work stress. They want to help clients put their insecurities and attachment issues behind them, so they can enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships. In addition they want to help their clients reduce school or work related fears and be able to increase confidence.

The therapists at Reclaim Life Counseling practice integrative counseling, pulling parts from different therapy modalities to provide a comprehensive, individualized therapy experience. They draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other Evidenced Based Practices during session to help clients identify where they’re getting stuck. With patience and support, clients are able to sit with and understand their emotional responses, moving past any lingering pain that impacts them. With couples, the therapists help each person develop better communication strategies, as they encourage reflection on past relationships and family experiences. Through family of origin work, couples gain more empathy toward each other as well as insight about their relationship.

Reclaim Life Counseling prides itself on providing effective, affordable, quality therapy. The providers are extensively experienced, hold certifications in specialties, have training in other niche areas, and are all properly licensed and vetted. By being in network with insurance panels, the therapy at Reclaim Life Counseling is more accessible and allows them to fulfil their mission of helping others live a happier life, because on then can one give the best of themselves to others.

Reclaim Life Counseling

Reclaim Life Counseling is a group practice in Florida specializing in anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, stress management, and clinical supervision.

Friday’s at 530pm

Florida (Online)

$50 for consult, $50 per group, may be covered by insurance.