Men's Interpersonal Group


Group therapy has the power to affect the way we feel "in our bones" about ourselves (as well as others) in ways that are limited in individual treatment. Group offers a unique opportunity to work on relationship issues by virtue of being in a room with others in similar (and somewhat different) circumstances. In this group, members will gain perspective and practice skills that lead to lasting interpersonal changes.

This group is open to men in their 20s-50s.

Group Therapist

Joel Krieg is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified Group Psychotherapist in Cambridge, MA with over 10 years of clinical experience facilitating individual, group, and family therapy. He currently coordinates three interpersonal groups for men, early young adults, and young adults. Through group therapy, Joel helps individuals find their voice, feel more connected with others, and learn about themselves to empower self-development and change. Individuals are able to practice different ways of being and connecting with others, which is a therapeutic process in itself.

In addition to group therapy, Joel sees many individuals struggling with transitions in life, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Having hosted groups for students at Boston University’s School of Medicine, he especially enjoys supporting teenagers and college students as they navigate the challenges and opportunities involved in the transitional journey toward adulthood. He values creating a safe and supportive environment to work through each client’s challenges.

Joel draws upon an array of treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, and supportive approaches. His office is conveniently located within walking distance from Harvard Square.

Joel Krieg

Joel Krieg is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Cambridge, MA specializing in anxiety, depression, family issues, and OCD. He has extensive experience leading group therapy and empowering individuals to feel more connected more others and learn about themselves.

Mondays 6:25pm-7:40pm

10 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

$75 (participants may use out-of-network insurance benefits)