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When Jaclyn Long, became a mom, she fulfilled a lifelong dream. Because she had been planning to become a mother for some time, she embarked on the journey of motherhood empowered with many tools that helped make her transition smooth: positive parenting principles, partner communication tools, mindfulness meditation and a mindfulness-based gentle yoga practice.

One of the things she lacked at the time, though, was a local circle of mama friends. Deep down in her DNA, she felt a call to connect with other women, as many of us do when we become mothers. There is a biological drive to connect when we have children because we are social mammals, and we thrive when we feel a part of a tribe. We all share a vital need for social connection and support, and this need intensifies when we raise children.

So Jaclyn worked hard to build community, and the nurturing relationships she formed with other moms were tremendously beneficial. Jaclyn founded Mind Body Moms to make it easier for mothers – with kids of ALL ages, from infants to young adults – to connect. She created Mindful Moms groups to help moms nourish themselves with mind-body practices and cultivate supportive, meaningful connections with other moms. She believes that by supporting the leaders – the “Chief Emotional Officers” – of the family, the whole family benefits. When mom feels safe, connected and secure, it helps her children feel safe, connected and secure, thereby giving children a greater chance to experience fulfilling relationships and lead a successful life.

Please note that these groups are wellness-based, non-healthcare groups. That means that no healthcare records will be kept or will be able to be submitted for insurance reimbursement.

Group Therapist

Jaclyn Long is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in CA. With her warm presence and empathic attunement, Jaclyn enjoys working with clients of all ages, backgrounds and neurodiversities. She particularly enjoys working with families, including new mothers, through her practice, where she empowers parents to raise their children intentionally with resilience. She is passionate about supporting parents on their journey of healing their own childhood trauma so they can be more present and available for the unique needs of their children and can offer their well-regulated systems as a legacy gift to benefit generations to come.

Jaclyn practices a holistic approach to healing. As Founder & Director of Mindful Child & Family Therapy as well as IFS California, she is a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist & Somatic IFS Therapist. She also practices Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to help clients move past traumatic blocks or the feeling of being stuck in the past. With these evidence-based approaches, clients bring healing to their past so they can make choices in the present to lead to more fulfilling and deeply enriching experiences in the future. As a yoga teacher and meditation teacher, Jaclyn brings mindfulness to the core of her mental health services. She walks the journey with clients as they become more self-aware and grow a deeper understanding of different aspects of themselves and their emotional lives. Jaclyn is an encouraging, deeply empathetic therapist who is equally dedicated to neuroscience, mindfulness and the spiritual aspects of mental health.

Jaclyn Long

Jaclyn Long is a therapist in Los Altos, California specializing in anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, parenting, adolescent mental health, and college & graduate student mental health.

Thursdays 9am-11am

California (Online)

$40 per class