Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy


Georgette Maidiotis is a practicing Mental Health Counselor in New York State specializing in working with adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and low self esteem.

Group Therapist

Georgette believes that the most effective way to create a fulfilling life is to tune into our own inner world. This happens naturally when we learn about ourselves, explore what we think and feel, and start to take care of our minds and bodies. As a creative therapist, she enjoys tapping into her clients' creative sides, which she believes are a window into their true selves.

In session, Georgette uses research-proven approaches like psychodynamic therapy to help clients understand their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to introduce changes that can create the life they want.

In order to heal the mind, we have to heal our bodies too. That's why Georgette encourages her clients to start a healthy living routine that works for them. She incorporates mindfulness and breath-work in sessions to help clients ease their minds when they feel overwhelmed. In her practice, Georgette promotes self-compassion and self-love, believing that no one can reach their full potential without these things

Georgette Maidiotis

Georgette Maidiotis is a therapist in New York , New York specializing in anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, depression, social anxiety, self-esteem, and life transitions.

Fridays at 6pm

928 Broadway, New York, New York 10010